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Report of 2018 China volleyball all star game report of 2018 China volleyball all star game: North Star men's and women's teams become final winners

On the evening of April 14, the 2018 all star game of China Volleyball Super League was held in Shenzhen. After four innings of limited time total point confrontation, the North Star men's and women's team became the final winner. North Star men's team won by 41-40, while North Star women's team won by 32-29. In the award ceremony after the game, Ji Daoshuai and Ding Xia respectively won the most popular player award for men and women, Yuan Xinyue won the most brilliant and healthy player award, the most popular international player award belongs to Jin runjing, and the most friendly player award was picked by Ding Hui. This All-Star game is divided into men's group and women's group, each of which has two sets of confrontation. The duration of a single game is 20 minutes, and the one with the highest score in the effective time wins. The first two games are men's games, and the next three or four games are women's games.

The first two games of the all star game are the men's star game. The starting lineup of the Southern Star team is Zhang Jingyin and Zhang Chen, with Rao Shuhan and Miao Ruan Tong as the main attack and Dai Qingyao, Zhan Guojun and Tong Jiahua as the second pass. The Northern Star team took the lead in the field, mainly attacking Daoshuai and Zhang Binglong, and vice attacking Cui Xiao and Li Yuanbo, taking over Jiangchuan, with two biographies Mao Tianyi and Ding Hui, a free man.