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What award did Xu Anhua win? 37 golden Statue Awards

It is reported that the just concluded Hong Kong Film golden statue award, with "when is the moon" won the best director and best film of the golden statue award, becoming the biggest winner of the golden statue award.

Gu Tianle and Mao Shunyun won the best men and actresses with "kill the wolf & middot; greedy wolf" and "Golden Flower" respectively, and Xu Anhua's "when is the moon tomorrow" won the best director and best film, becoming the biggest winner that night. In addition, Zhang Aijia and you Xiaoying have won the best screenwriters with "love and blind date". Jiang Haowen and ye Dexian won the best supporting roles respectively by virtue of "bomb disposal expert" and "when is the moon". "The Great Buddha Plath" won the best Cross Strait Chinese film by defeating "Fanghua" and "wolf 2".

As the highest award of 'Hong Kong Film', with the whereabouts of the local film industry and a large number of talents going north, it is an indisputable fact that the status of the golden statue award in recent years has become increasingly embarrassing. Throughout this year's awards ceremony, the decline is still lamentable. On the one hand, the golden generation, represented by Xu Anhua and Gutianle, continue to enjoy the glory of Hong Kong films. On the other hand, the newcomers promoted by the conference, including Ling Wenlong, the best new actor and Peng Xiuhui, the best new director of the year, have potential under the situation of local poverty, but they are afraid that they will not reap dividends like the winners of their predecessors, and thus embark on the road of superstar. This is the pride and helplessness of the gold medal.