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What items can't be brought on the plane? List of prohibited items of domestic aircraft in 2018

What items can't be brought on the plane? List of prohibited items of domestic aircraft in 2018 we all know that there are a lot of prohibited items for air travel. Many friends who don't often fly or fly for the first time don't know much about the prohibited items on the plane. So what are the prohibited items for air travel in 2018? Let's take a look at the list of domestic prohibited items for air travel in 2017.

What can't be carried by plane in 2017

1、 The volume of the limited carrying container of cosmetics shall not exceed 100ml, excluding shampoo and body wash.

2、 For alcohol products with alcohol content below 24 degrees (including 24 degrees), the transportation volume is not limited; for alcohol content between 24 degrees and 70 degrees (including), the total transportation volume shall not exceed 5 liters; for alcohol content above 70 degrees, the transportation shall not be handled. The packaging of alcohol articles shall comply with the relevant provisions of civil aviation transportation.

3、 Details of lighter, knife, food, fruit, wine and beverage with strong smell: passengers on domestic flights can take liquid articles with single container volume not more than 100ml and total volume not more than 1000ml, except for flammable and explosive liquid articles prohibited by civil aviation laws and regulations. Alcohol items cannot be carried with you, but can be delivered as checked baggage.

4、 Patients with diabetes or other diseases can take necessary liquid medicine for the flight, but they need to show the hospital certificate or doctor's prescription of their own name; passengers with babies are allowed to take liquid dairy products after safety inspection and confirmation.

5、 The passenger shall be responsible for the consequences such as missed flight caused by the violation of the above regulations. Definition of liquid goods: the definition of liquid goods is explained by the head of Tianjin Binhai International Airport: liquid goods include all liquids, paste, paste, gel and spray products.

For example, mineral water, beverages, soup and syrup, cream, skin care liquid, skin care oil, perfume, shaving foam and fragrance spray, toothpaste, contact lens solution, hair styling and gel products for bathing.

6、 It is forbidden for passengers to carry guns, weapons, controlled knives, inflammable and explosive materials and toxic materials on board the aircraft.