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Today's Beijing half horse race schedule of 2018 Beijing international long distance Race Festival

Today's Beijing half horse race schedule of 2018 Beijing international long distance Race Festival Recently, the half marathon of 2018 Beijing international long run Festival officially opened. This competition has brought together many long-distance runners. Let's take a look at the schedule of 2018 Beijing international long run Festival.

The reporter learned that the equipment distribution lasted from April 12 to April 14. During the period of 12th and 13th, the distribution time starts from 9am to 6pm, and lasts from 9am to 8pm on 14th.

Competitors can take Metro Line 8 to the Olympic Sports Center Station, exit from exit B1 or B2, and walk along landscape Avenue 1 to the north for about 500 meters. On the right side of the road, you can see the equipment distribution point of this year's Beijing race.

In order to make the contestants complete the equipment collection more quickly, the organizing committee has set up 21 equipment distribution channels in total this year. After entering the distribution area, the contestants can receive the equipment quickly according to the "equipment receiver route", and the distribution process of this year's participating equipment is different from that of last year.

After the contestants arrive at the face recognition and number cloth distribution counter according to the route, they sign the "2018 Beijing international long distance Race Festival - Beijing half marathon competition declaration" on the spot; after signing, they receive the number cloth with timing chip and collect the face recognition information on the spot; after the face recognition information record, they can go to the competition bag collection area to collect their own competition bag and participate in the competition It includes T-shirt, competition guide and other equipment.

The relevant person in charge of the Organizing Committee stressed to the reporter of Legal Evening News that the runners of this half marathon must receive the competition package by themselves. Contestants are required to bring the original valid documents (personal ID card, officer card, passport) and the official receipt in paper version. Among them, the "entry receipt" can be logged into the official website of the event, and enter the "personal center" to download and print by itself according to the page prompts. The competition package for the family parent-child run is based on the family. The participating family only needs to provide the valid certificate of one of them submitted at the time of application, and take the official paper collection form to get the competition package.

In addition, the face recognition system will also be used for pre match recording. There are 40 verification channels at the starting point, including 35 personal face verification channels and 5 manual verification channels.