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What's the difference between scrub and exfoliation

Sihaiwang: physical exfoliation is used for scrub cream, while chemical exfoliation is used for exfoliation. Each has its own advantages, but it can not be used frequently. If you are interested, you can see the difference between the scrub and exfoliation brought by this site.

What's the difference between scrub and exfoliation

The difference between scrub and exfoliation

The product efficacy of the scrub and the exfoliation cream is the same, but the effect of the scrub is good.

Both are exfoliating products. The main differences are:

Scrub cream is mainly a physical method to exfoliate. It contains scrub particles to remove the old cutin in massage and friction

Exfoliating cream is usually used to remove cutin by chemical method, it does not contain abrasive particles, softens the old and waste cutin of skin with its own ingredients, forms cutin crumbs, and falls off as soon as it is rubbed

Don't use it often. It will make the pores coarser and the skin thinner. Usually once or twice a week is enough

As for exfoliating cream, its effect is not as good as that of sanding cream. It's enough to use once a week

Which is better, scrub or exfoliate

Scrub is better than exfoliation.

Cuticle is located in the outermost layer of the skin, with the function of protecting the skin and locking the moisture. Originally, the natural metabolism of horniness will not be able to metabolize normally due to aging skin, incomplete cleaning, sun exposure, oil production, work and rest changes, weather changes and other reasons. Moderate exfoliation is very important. In addition to feeling the smooth touch of the skin, it can also make the ingredients of skin care products easily absorbed by the skin, thus maintaining the metabolism of the skin. Many skin problems can be improved more or less.

The effect of exfoliating is good, but it can't be used frequently. It should be determined according to your own skin condition. Too many times of sanding will cause new skin cells to be 'ground' dead before forming a self-protection film. Pathogens such as external bacteria will take advantage of the situation, making delicate skin more vulnerable to UV and other external damage. Sometimes even the little red spots and pigmentation on the face are caused by blindly increasing the times of sanding.

Use the scrub several times a week

Normal skin

With the right scrub, your complexion will be brighter. Papain and pineapple enzyme can soften and remove dead skin and dark horniness.

Exfoliation frequency: two to three times a week.

Dry skin

It is recommended to use the ground cream containing almond and olive oil to supplement the natural oil of the skin, so as to keep the skin soft and smooth, not dry or tight. Exfoliation frequency: once or twice a week to avoid leaving the skin too dry.

Mixed skin

Choose oil-free moisturizing scrub, such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid, which can lock in the moisture of the skin and will not make the oily part too greasy.

Exfoliation frequency: twice a week, increase the dosage in the T-shaped part of the oil.

Oily skin and blain muscle

Pores are relatively large, so choose ingredients that can dredge pores, such as salicylic acid.

Exfoliation frequency: three times a week. The dosage of oily skin can be increased every time.