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What's going on with Leonard's playoff reimbursement Beijing time, April 16, according to Yahoo Sports, spurs star Coway Leonard is still recovering from his quadriceps injury, and he is not expected to return to the playoffs this year.

At present, Coway is recovering in New York because his medical team is there. It is reported that Kawai's medical team has not approved his return.

Now that the first round of the playoffs has begun, the Spurs lost to the warriors in their first game. Obviously, there is not much time left for Kawai to return.

According to sources, Kawai has recently made progress in training and is focused on getting well.

Meanwhile, renowned journalist Chris Haines tweeted today: 'covai Leonard is still not approved by his medical team to return. His injury is progressing, but he will remain in New York to recover. Although his comeback time is uncertain, he is undergoing regular inspection. '

Today, spurs coach Popovich was asked again in an interview if covai could be back in the playoffs, and his answer was: 'this question, you have to ask covai and his team. '

This question, Popovich has been asked many times this season, he has obviously been asked boring.