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What's the matter with the drop of alcohol not touched but the alcohol exceeding the standard? What on the evening of April 10, Licang traffic police set up a night inspection post at the intersection of jiushui Road, Jingkou road. At about 21:48, a lub * * * N2 blue Chevrolet car drove West to east along the jiushui route to the night check point. The night check police routinely came forward to carry out alcohol breath test on the driver Liu. The value displayed by the alcohol tester is 60mg / 100mL, which meets the standard of driving after drinking.

Under the careful inquiry of the police, the driver Liu said that after work that night, he didn't have time to have dinner, so he hurried to send his friend home. After sending his friend home, he decided to eat some yolk pie first on the way home to satisfy his hunger. Hearing this, the police understood that it was the yolk pie that caused the disaster!

In the next 10 minutes, Chen's two breath detection values were 25mg / 100ml and 0mg / 100ml respectively.

What kind of food can cause drunk driving?

Food category: litchi, yolk pie, tiramisu, fermented bean curd, drunk crab, jiunianyuanzi, Zaoji, papaya water, cooking wine, jiuxintang, etc.

Oral and external medication: Huoxiang Zhengqi water, Zhenggu water, shidishui, Xiaokechuan syrup, etc.

Injection: hydrocortisone injection, Nimodipine Injection, Xueshuantong injection, Nimodipine Injection, docetaxel, etc.

Daily use category: gargle containing ethanol, etc.