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When will the new version of Shuk and beta be launched Recently, the son of Zheng Yuanjie, a fairy tale writer, revealed that the launch conference of the new version of Shuke and beta cartoon will be held in Hangzhou on April 27. At the same time, Zheng Yuanjie also revealed the publicity posters of the conference. The back of Shuke and beta caused a wave of memories. "Shuke and beta" new animation release. In Zhihu's reply, Zheng Yaqi said that since last year, the company has been producing animation "Shuke and beta" and "pipiru security agent team". A press conference will be held on April 27, when there will be a trailer.

Zheng Yuanjie's classic fairy tale work "Shuke and beta" can be said to be the childhood of many little friends, and the adapted cartoon is also very popular. Today (April 9), Zheng Yaqi, son of Zheng Yuanjie, revealed in the Zhihu Q & A that the new animation "Shuke and beta" is about to start, as well as the new animation "pipiru security agent team". Both will be released at the China International Animation Festival, which opens on April 27, when there will be a trailer. I feel that many classic works will launch new works this year. The previous "Haier brothers" and now there is a new animation of "Shuke and beta". It's really amazing.