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2018nba East and West playoffs top eight match list

2018nba East and West playoffs top eight match list the last day of NBA regular season ended on April 12. The first round of playoffs has been played. Among them, the walkers and knights who met in the first round of playoffs last season met again in the first round of this season. The 76ers, who return to the playoffs six years later, will face the Miami Heat.

Eastern top eight team:

Raptors (1) vs (8) Wizards

The 59 winning Raptors lost to the heat today and failed to break through 60. Though 16.5 games ahead of the wizards, the Raptors won 2-2 against the Wizards in 4 regular season games. In addition, John Wall didn't play in the four games, but Bill's single firepower has brought enough trouble to the Raptors. He gets 28.8 points per game. In the playoffs, the Raptors' defense in the backcourt is bound to encounter great challenges.

Celtic (2) vs (7) bucks

The Bucks lost 35 points in the last match day, and fell to the eastern seventh dozen green army by relying on wizards and heat. The green regular season is strong, but Owen's unexpected injury has hurt their prospects for the playoffs. Without Irwin and Hayward, the green army, even though it is still a hard-working division, is still greatly weakened. The two teams played 2-2 in the regular season, with low scores. The Bucks averaged 100.7 points, while the green team scored 102.3.

76 people (3) vs (6) heat

The 76ers and the heat are also friends together. In the regular season, the big centers of both sides, embid and Whiteside, have been fighting against each other for a season. When they meet, they are full of gunpowder. However, enbid only had facial surgery at the end of March, and when the first round will return is still a question. He's ready for the playoff mask, but manager Brett Brown may be planning to put him out of action in G1.

The 76ers are 2-2 against the heat in the regular season, 2-win at home and 2-lose away. Home advantage may be the key to win for them in the first round.

Knight (4) vs (5) Walker

The regular season ranking of the eastern defending champion Cavaliers has fallen, but in the final phase of Loew's return, the Cavaliers have recovered. Now it's the time of high morale, and the walkers may have to admit their misfortunes. In the regular season, the Cavaliers are only 1-3 against the walkers, but their fight is all concentrated before the trade deadline. As we all know, the Cavaliers have changed their teams in the middle of the season. Now they are totally different from those in January.

List of the top eight western teams:

Rocket (1) vs (8) forest wolf

Rockets wait until today to finally wait for the first round opponent: after 14 years, they finally return to the playoffs. For the young wolves, the first round encounter with the Rockets, I'm afraid it can only be used as a first round of accumulated experience around. In the regular season, the Rockets swept Minnesota, winning 63 points. The Rockets are aiming for the championship. The Timberwolves have just come to the rising stage. The two teams are at different stages and are not rivals at all.

Warrior (2) vs (7) Spurs

It will be interesting for the warriors and Spurs to play in the first round because both teams will be short of the most important core players, Stephen curry and cavalier Leonard. In the playoff sprint stage, the Spurs have shown their tenacity; while the warriors are in the downturn of 17 losses and 10 times, can they adjust in time? They are 3-1 against the Spurs in the regular season, which can't be used as a reference.

Jazz (5) vs thunder (4)

When the jazz and thunder were still in the second half, the Western playoffs teams had some common understanding that they would rather play the warriors without Kuri in the first round than touch the jazz or thunder. As a result, now, the two teams are against each other. This may be the best group of duels in the first round. Thunder is 3-1 against jazz in the regular season. Mitchell, the best rookie candidate, met Wes in his first playoff game, which will definitely help him grow in the future.

Pioneer (3) vs (6) Pelican

Although the pioneers were in the first half, they were also close to the pelicans. They play pelicans 2-2 in the regular season, but three of them are before Corzine's season ends. Plus they have home advantage in the first round, and the win is definitely bigger.