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What are the alternative colors of ysl12 Lip Glaze

Four seas network: every spring and summer, the most popular mouth red number is no less than cut men's ysl12 Lip Glaze. Of course, if you don't like Lip Glaze, YSL 12 is the same. Xiaobian will give you a try of these two colors today. Let's have a look.

Anyway, I like poplar wood Lip Glaze very much. It doesn't discolor. It lasts for a long time after film forming. If you start with too much lipstick, you can try these affordable substitutes.

YSL Lip Glaze No.12 color test

YSL Lip Glaze 12 replace L'Oreal Lip Glaze 301#

The first L'OREAL 301, the color is almost the same, the similarity is really too high!

But if you look closely, there is still a little difference.

In the wrist color test, 301 is slightly red than 12, and 12 is more pink.

When applying lip glaze, it is recommended not to sip your mouth, it will automatically form a layer of film, and it is not easy to fade, nor easy to touch the cup.

After looking at the color map, I feel super suitable for spring and summer, clean and fresh.

Jasmine Lip Glaze 2#

Thin coating will have the visual sense of No. 12 glass lip, but will not form film;

Thick coating is water red, thin coating is partial powder.

This lip glaze has both the freshness of lip gloss and the moisture of lip gloss. It can be said to be a combination of lipstick and lip gloss, which is not easy to fade.

There is a disadvantage that is not easy to unload, because this is a dyeing spring outing, but the coloring is really beautiful.

L'Oreal soft lip 801#

It's a very cool alternative color. The typical warm light is orange and cold light is pink. The thin and thick coating can form the effect of glass lip.

Not as thick as the Lip Glaze, not as thin as the lip gloss, known as lip milk. The texture is pleasant, and the upper lip is easy to be painted unevenly.

The texture surprised me. It was almost the same as YSL's mirror lip enamel, but there was a lost orange on it, but it was really super!

In fact, there are many cheap substitutes for YSL labial glaze No. 12 on the Internet. I hope you will like them.