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How can Taobao and strangers compete to succeed

Pinduoduo created the market of group buying, so Taobao began to try the market of group buying. Unlike pinduoduo, Taobao can group with strangers. So how do you get together with strangers? How to make a successful team? Come and have a look.

Taobao group is a kind of marketing tool for Taobao or tmall businesses. Consumers can directly initiate group buying requirements and promote more people to participate in the group activities through communication. Currently, only 2-3 people are supported. It is an effective and successful activity to gather the number of members within 24 hours after the group purchase activity is launched, and the seller can deliver the goods. Otherwise, the order will not take effect, and the seller cannot deliver the goods. As shown in the following figure:

At present, the new version of collage is more than 2.0, which supports stranger group. But the precondition is: only those businesses that open group chat before March 29 have this permission. Businesses can set up in the baby details page to support strangers to group, and can also publish the group baby to the member group to improve the success rate of the activity.

At present, group activities are directly open to some categories, and many categories are not qualified to participate in such activities at present, neither Taoyou group nor strangers are qualified to initiate activities. For example: virtual category, self use idle, insurance, second-hand car, part of local life category, judicial auction, shopping vouchers, scenic spot tickets, air tickets, prescription drugs, Li Ren Gou (Li Ren Gou only), box horse products, store o2o, tmall community fresh and so on. The types of orders that can not participate in this activity include: door-to-door installation services, distribution services, etc.

How can the seller start a group? In the details page, you can directly start a group, and strangers can join the group automatically. Consumers can automatically participate in the group sponsored by others in the baby details page. As shown in the figure below:

Through the above content, you should know why you can't join a group of strangers. The reason may be that the categories you participate in the activity don't meet the requirements, and the corresponding businesses don't have such qualifications.