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Is micro vision Tencent's? Which is more fun, micro vision or tremolo

Is micro vision Tencent's? Which is more fun, micro vision or tremolo Recently, a short video app micro vision was re launched, which attracted attention. You can get a yellow diamond when you download the app. It is said that Tencent has spent 3 billion yuan to rebuild the micro vision. Is the micro vision of Tencent? What is the relationship between micro vision and Tencent? Let's have a look.

Is micro vision Tencent's?

Yes, this product is Tencent's business, and micro vision was launched as early as August 2013.

However, in recent years, the development has not been particularly smooth. With the popularity of short video industry again, Tencent company has seized the short video business, as a key project of the company to support.

Which is more fun, micro vision or tremolo

From the content point of view, according to the requirements posted by multiple micro vision cooperation agencies, the so-called "beauty, cute, cool and funny" has become the auditing standard of popular videos. "Beauty requires pure and lovely or handsome, cute refers to cute or cute, cool requires cool background music or special effects, funny segments, funny scenes and plot reversals.".

Secondly, the cooperative institutions specially point out that they emphasize the 'value dimension' of popular videos, the value of appreciation, entertainment and learning, among which 'learning value' refers to the teaching of life skills, and how to series.

Similar to the scissor doll machine, lipstick using tips, special food, etc., there are precedents in which the shaking sound is hot and leads to a frenzy of imitation.

However, from the perspective of activity, micro vision is still a small square. As the content is still in the stage of cold start, the number of people watching and interacting with the micro video can't match the number of people shaking and so on. At present, some users with more than 5 million fans, such as Wu Jiayu and Fei Qiming, also have micro vision registration numbers on the platform, but the number of fans is less than four digits and the interaction is very few.