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How to save oneself from depression when a man commits suicide on a railway track and ties his wife

How to save oneself from depression when a man commits suicide on a railway track and ties his wife to the railway track for burial Recently, foreign media reported that a depressed man committed suicide by lying on the track. Before the man committed suicide, he tied his wife to the track and wanted to take his wife to be buried with him. It is reported that the two were killed by the high-speed train, causing a tragedy! So how to treat patients with depression? Let's have a look!

Two days after the tragedy, police released the results of the investigation, saying it was a murder accompanied by suicide. Guillaume, 37, was unemployed and his wife, Emily, 34, worked in the trading department of engie group. In the early morning of the 12th, after the train passed, the bodies of the couple were found on the track.

Investigators at the scene found that Emily's body was cut into pieces, but not like suicide. Her thighs were covered with tape, and her wrists were bound by ropes. Guillaume's body shows signs of being hit by a train. The police will autopsy it and get toxicological analysis results.

The search team found a car near the track. The car enabled investigators to quickly identify the victims. The couple married for two years and had four children, three of them from the previous marriage. At present, the two are fighting for divorce. Their common child is only 15 months old.

Before committing suicide, Guillaume called the grandparents of the children, entrusted them with the children, and then took Emily away from her home. It's not known how Guillaume got Emily in his car and tied her to the tracks.

The survey found that Guillaume suffered from depression for a long time, had no criminal record of violence, and had co managed an auto agency with his partner. He has been unemployed since he broke up with his partner three years ago. According to the news, Guillaume or his wife could not bear to leave him, so he was poisoned.

How can depression help itself

1. Active exercise

Exercise is a very straightforward way. Maybe it's not convenient to exercise when you come back from work, but you can buy a treadmill or sandbag, dumbbell and other appliances at home, so that you can use sandbag to vent your depression day.

2. Keen to make friends

So many good friends need to be cultivated in life. If you are in a bad mood these days, you can find a friend to talk with, drink a glass of wine and complain. A good friend will usually comfort you and give you some advice, which is a very good medicine for you to relieve depression.

3. Good communication

Actively communicate with parents. Maybe you and your parents don't have any common language, but your parents are different from your friends. If you say your complaints, your parents may scold you instead, or the suggestions are not good, but they are more true than your friends and won't tell lies, so they may not comfort you, but it's a good way to say their grievances.

4. Communicate with strangers

Talk to people you don't know. Many people think that these people don't know each other and don't want to chat. Even if they know each other, they don't live together. This idea is wrong. Talking more can broaden your knowledge, absorb other people's sunshine, and make yourself happy all the time.

5. Positive and optimistic

Keep optimistic and positive attitude towards sunshine. All great people, the greater the setbacks, the more motivated and excited they will be when they are sad. This is the great man in the counter business. So no matter what happens, we should be brave to face it and bear some of it. The sky will fall down and become a quilt.

Don't always remember the past, always think of the past life. Time flow, we can look back, but remember to see, think, no matter cry or laugh, you still have to continue to go ahead, the future is yours.