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How to wear sweat clothes to exercise Recently, sweatsuits have caught fire on the Internet. Sweatsuits, as the name suggests, are clothes that can make you sweat a lot. It is said that the amount of sweat you get out of wearing them for ten minutes is equivalent to the amount of an hour. Pay more attention to the sweat during normal exercise. What about this dress? Come and have a look.

How about wearing sweat suit to exercise;

It is composed of polyester fiber and silver coating. It reflects the heat released from the body surface back to the human body by using silver nanotechnology and nano silver film thermal radiation sweating technology, forming a thermal cycle, so as to promote the human body to sweat continuously. It has the effect of "five times of sweating", which can make the effect of slimming and bodybuilding double with half the effort. It is also because of this, by the majority of fitness and weight loss people's pursuit and love, gradually become the fitness industry's' net red equipment '.

Doctors said that long-term wearing of this kind of clothes with poor ventilation, a lot of sweating may lead to dehydration, serious and even syncope.

Is it necessary to buy sweatsuits

I don't need to buy it. It is good for the body to exercise and sweat properly in spring and summer to promote the discharge of moisture in the body. However, wearing 'sweaty clothes' causes the body to sweat a lot, which can lead to electrolyte disorder and even dehydration syncope. In addition, the weight loss effect of 'sweaty clothes' may also be the weight loss caused by a large amount of perspiration, and the body will recover after adding water. In particular, we should remind fitness enthusiasts that high temperature weather is not suitable for fitness activities, and proper perspiration is beneficial to health, but excessive perspiration is harmful to the body. It is suggested to start fitness activities at 4 p.m. after the heat starts to subside.

How to wash sweaty clothes

Sweaty clothes will have a lot of sweat stains, so after the exercise, you should clean them in time. You can soak them in warm water and rub them with your hands.

Clothes are soaked with sweat. If they are not cleaned as early as possible, they will leave unsightly stains if they are damaged. Therefore, clothes must be changed and washed frequently.

Do not wash sweaty clothes with hot water. Because sweat contains not only a lot of water and a little salt, but also protein, urea and other organic substances. Salt and urea are soluble in water, and can be removed by rinsing with clear water. Protein can dissolve in water in the form of colloid at room temperature. Once heated, it will solidify and not easily dissolve in water. When protein on clothing fiber is exposed to sunlight or air oxidation, it will become a yellow dirt that is difficult to wash off, and it will be difficult to clean in the future. Similarly, once the clothes are stained with blood stains, milk, soy milk, broth, etc., they should also be soaked in cold water, not washed in hot water, because they also contain protein.