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Xiamen policewoman is on the list of writers' wealth

Xiamen policewoman is on the list of writers' wealth Recently, a policewoman in Xiamen caught fire. She is not only a policewoman, but also a well-known online writer. In the 12th online writer list recently, she ranked ninth with a royalty of 25 million. Let's see the details below.

She is a dutiful Xiamen police officer and an Internet writer in her spare time. In the 12th online writers list released yesterday, Fujing, a policewoman from Xiamen, ranked ninth, with a royalty of 25 million yuan last year, the newspaper's reporter learned.

Yesterday, the West China Metropolis Daily - the cover story, star culture and writer list app released the highly concerned "the 12th online writer list". The online "great God" Tang family has occupied the top of the list for five consecutive years and topped the list with an annual royalty income of 130 million, which is impressive. But the silkworm potato and the innocent are on the list respectively.

It is reasonable to say that Fujing, a writer of this level, has long gone home to write full-time, but she still struggles on the public security front. In her own words, 'I love this job very much. After all, I have been feeling for it for more than ten years'. At the same time, when the police can see different sides of people and contact with different personnel, it is helpful for writing.