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Practice of gradient enhancement the latest style of gradient enhancement in ss2018

Gradient manicure is the most fashionable one. In summer, it is fresh and bright to do gradient manicure. What gradients will be popular in ss18? Xiaobian recommends some for you. Let's have a look.

Practice of two color gradual enhancement

Step1 first, the girls need to prepare the necessary oil and tools, then brush the nail with primer, and the light will be cured.

Step2 then the girls take a sponge stick, then take cream tea color nail oil and peppermint green nail oil, and draw it on the sponge stick vertically.

Step 3 tap the sponge bar gently to the nail surface, and then wait for it to dry out.

Step 4 after the nail is dry, clean the excess nail polish beyond the nail.

Step 5 then brush the diamond glue on the middle finger and ring finger respectively, stick the diamond and semi-circular pearl ornaments, and cure the lamp. Finally, brush a layer of bright oil on the whole nail and wait for it to dry out~

Nice gradient enhancement picture

This is a green Sequin manicure with gradual design, it must be said that it looks really amazing. Careful machine design makes the whole manicure particularly beautiful and fashionable.

Light purple and light pink gradients this manicure is also very good, the color is fresh and beautiful with a pink flavor, very suitable for young girls to choose.

It's a kind of gradual manicure with the feeling of starry sky. It's designed with black + Sequin. It's really beautiful when it's painted on the hand. It has a sense of space.

It's a very delicate gradual color manicure. It's a girl's manicure at first sight. It's also very white on the hand.

Purple gradient this manicure is very elegant. You can feel the atmosphere when you apply it on your hands. You can try it if you like.

Girls should not miss such a delicate manicure. The gradual design is not monotonous but fashionable.

Solid gradient manicure new style

This kind of light pink gradual change manicure is really a girl. The color is from dark to light, especially fashionable and eye-catching. The point is that this color makes a girl feel heartbreaking and white.

The current popular Burgundy made of gradient manicure is so beautiful. The gradient of dark and light color makes people look particularly attractive, and the first-hand effect is also fashionable.

The plum color gradual change manicure is quite feminine, which is more suitable for mature women to choose! The color is beautiful and good-looking, and the hand is very tender and white, which can also improve the temperament when applied in winter.

Will Black Sequin gradual enhancement be your favorite style? Under the matching of sequins, the whole enhancement has a sense of starry sky, which is much better than the pure black enhancement.

Many girls like nude nail can be made into gradient style, light color, but it does not affect the beauty at all, and it is also small and fresh.