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What's wrong with Japan building a city that doesn't call people in their 70s old Taiwan media said that in Japan, where the aging population is very serious, some local governments announced on November 11 that they would no longer call people in their 70s old people, so as to encourage the older people to be more independent and active.

Japanese old people go to sports parties

Taiwan media quoted Kyodo news and as saying that Daiwa city in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan, claims to build a city that does not call people in their 70s old. The city said that in the era of super aging society with a life of 100 years, it is necessary to change the inherent concept that people over 65 are generally regarded as old people. It is hoped that this generation will live up to its will and ability.

At the memorial ceremony, mayor damuzhe stressed that he hoped to extend the healthy life span of the citizens and improve the awareness of life-long work by releasing positive signals, so that no matter how old they are, they can be active in the society.