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How to choose the curtains for the study

Curtain not only has the effect of shading, but also can't be ignored. How to choose curtain in study? What kind of curtain is good for the study? Let's have a look at it with my friend who chooses the study curtain.

What light is good for the study

Study generally do not use too strong light, if it is for reading, it will have a great impact on the eyes, it is recommended to use 40W incandescent lamp. Incandescent lamp is a warm light source, close to natural light. Of course! The three primary colors are color matching light sources for energy-saving lamp series. It's not good to have soft light, too bright or too dark. The light is warm but not too bright, so that you can feel warm and comfortable.

The study lighting should be bright and soft, and the incandescent lamp is suitable. The desk lamp of the desk should adapt to the nature of work and the needs of study. It is better to choose the direct desk lamp with reflector and lower opening, that is, the desk lamp or writing desk lamp. The light source of the desk lamp is usually incandescent lamp and fluorescent lamp.

Key points of study lamp design

1. Add desk lamp to the desk to enhance reading lighting

If you want to read in front of the desk, only indirect lighting is not enough. You'd better place a desk lamp at the corner of the desk, or set a pendant lamp directly above as the key lighting. Especially when there are children at home, in addition to the design of the desk must be adjusted with its height, the part of the local light source on the desk, it is better to choose the electronic desk, and it is better to try whether there will be flash before purchasing.

2. The quiet atmosphere of study with indirect light source

Indirect lighting can avoid the visual glare damage caused by direct light, and it makes people feel a little tired to turn on the light very well, and they will not want to stay in this space for too long, so it is not easy to focus on thinking. Therefore, in the design of the study, it is best to use indirect light sources, such as hidden light sources around the ceiling, which can set off a calm atmosphere of the book.

3. Using the track lamp to direct the bookcase to create the visual end view

The bookcase can also create interesting effects by changing the light. For example, through the design of the track lamp or the embedded lamp, the light can be directed directly to the books or articles on the bookcase, so that the visual focus of the end scene changes.

4. Keep the computer screen away from light

Because the computer screen itself will emit strong light, if the light source of the space is too bright, it will reflect light when hitting the screen, and the eyes are easy to be uncomfortable, and even can't see the words on the screen. But if only the computer screen is bright, and the surrounding is dark, the vision is prone to fatigue. Correct way: don't make the walls around the computer dark, and make the brightness of the two similar. It's not easy to get tired of eyes when reading the words in the computer for a long time.

5. It's important to keep the natural light

The study is suitable for reading. The best place to build the study is where there is natural light source. Even if it is shared with other spaces, such as the main bedroom or the corner of the living room, etc., the position of the desk is better to be close to the window. In addition, we can adjust the light and shade of the natural light source of the study through the design of the louver.

What color does the study curtain match with the furniture

When choosing the color of curtains, it's better to pay attention to the color of other furniture in the study, especially the color of bookcase. Modern furniture is more important for the overall coordination. When choosing the color of curtains, we must see the color of furniture. We'd better choose the color matching with the color of furniture, so that the study can be better built.

Choose fresh colors

The color of the study curtain should be avoided as much as possible to be gaudy. Too much gaudy will make the user feel very bored. It is not helpful to study and work. Therefore, the best curtain color is to choose the color with fresh effect, which will be better in the overall effect.

Green eye protection

It's a good choice to use green curtain cloth in the study, because green will be better in visual effect. Green can set off the environment of the study better. Green is a relaxing color when studying or working hard. It can release the body and mind better, and it's also good for the eyes of the readers.

Light color system will be better

The study curtain chooses the lighter color, because the light color department can set off the study better, but the shading effect of the light color curtain is not very good, so the shading of the study must be done well. When choosing the bed curtain, you can choose the double-layer curtain cloth, which is not only better in shading effect, but also conducive to oxidation.

Match with the whole study

When choosing the color of the study curtain, it should match with the whole study, because the color of the curtain and the whole study color are very important, and the matching of the curtain and the study color can make the effect of the study better.

How to choose curtains for study

1. Material

The study has a higher requirement for light, so the light transmittance of curtain material is more important. The best choice is to use light colored gauze curtains that can block part of the light and have permeability. If you think the curtains are not thick enough and have no privacy, you can use double-layer curtains. When it comes to permeability, you can install blinds in the study. Even if there is strong sunlight outside, the sunshine will become comfortable and warm after passing through the blinds, but the price will be more expensive.

2. Thickness

The direction of the study is generally sunny. In addition to the fast changing temperature, the curtains in the sun should be right in thickness. If they are too thick, they will be dark. If they are too thin, they will stimulate the eyes. Summer temperature is higher, it is recommended to choose a slightly thinner curtain, and for cold winter, it is better to use a thicker curtain, which has a certain role in keeping the room warm.

3. Color

Study needs to create a quiet office atmosphere, curtains should not be too bright colors, should be based on elegant. White, light purple, blue, green and other cool colors can calm people's mood, and it's easier to calm down to learn. However, the specific color has to be determined according to the style. If the color of the whole study is very light, the color of the curtains can be a little darker, playing a decorative effect.

Study curtain color use principle

1. Follow the fresh and natural

The study is an elegant and quiet place. The curtain color should not be too fancy. If it is too complex, it is easy to make people not concentrate and distract when they have studied and worked, which leads to low efficiency of work and study, and it will also give people a dazzling feeling. In addition, the natural and fresh study curtain conforms to the quiet study atmosphere of the study, which can make everyone quickly integrate into the study work 。

2. Avoid thick cloth

The heavy curtain will increase people's oppressive vision, especially in the quiet and elegant study. If it is too oppressive, it will have a very adverse effect on study and work, and also cause the decline of study and work ability.