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What are the rare earth minerals found in Japan

What are the rare earth minerals found in Japan Recently, according to Japanese media reports, did relevant research and development institutions and teams in Japan announce that they have detected rare earth minerals with reserves of up to 16 million tons, which is equivalent to the global consumption of rare earth for hundreds of years, so what are rare earth minerals? Let's have a look.

According to the report on April 10, a team from Japan's marine research and development agency and Tokyo University announced on April 10 that they had investigated the concentration of rare earth bearing mud found in the deep sea bottom off the coast of South bird island in the Pacific Ocean, from which it was estimated that the reserves in the area of 2500 square kilometers were more than 16 million tons.

According to the report, the team said that the sea area is located in Japan's exclusive economic zone (EEZ), which is equivalent to the global consumption of rare earth for hundreds of years. However, due to the practical level of mining technology does not exist, there is no expectation that it can be used. "We hope to promote discussions with enterprises and research institutions to develop mining technologies that can be used in practice in the next 10 years," said Tadao Kato, a professor at Dongda. '

According to reports, the team previously found dysprosium, yttrium and other soil near the sea bottom of nanniao Island, which is about 5000 meters deep, extending 2500 square kilometers. Using the survey ship to excavate 25 seafloor soil and investigate the concentration of rare earth, it is found that the concentration of about 100 square kilometers in the northwest is particularly high. Therefore, it is speculated that there are 1.2 million tons of reserves in the sea area alone, with a total of more than 16 million tons.

The team believes that the granular biological bones and teeth in the soil contain more rare earth, which can reduce the mining cost through salvage and recovery.

Chiba University of technology and Kobe University also participated in the team.

What are rare earth minerals?

Rare earth minerals mainly exist in the form of minerals in the earth's crust. There are three main types of rare earth minerals: as the basic elements of minerals, rare earth occurs in the form of ionic compounds in the mineral lattice, which constitute the essential components of minerals. Such minerals are usually called rare earth minerals, such as monazite, bastnaesite and so on.

As impurity elements of minerals, they are dispersed in rock forming minerals and rare metal minerals in the form of isomorphic replacement. Such minerals can be called minerals containing rare earth elements, such as apatite and fluorite, which are adsorbed on the surface or between particles of some minerals in ionic state. These minerals are mainly clay minerals and mica minerals. Rare earth elements in this state can be easily extracted.