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The latest news of pension increase of Tianjin enterprises in 2018 the latest news of enterprise retirement pension increase in 2018 is to reduce the burden of enterprises and adjust the payment rate of employee medical insurance enterprises from 11% to 10%. This year, the pension will be increased by 5% on average from January 1! Tianjin pension and medical insurance subsidies both rose.

It's settled! This year's pension will increase by about 5% on average, and will be implemented from January 1! Benefit 114 million people!

Now, there's a big good news to share with you.

At the conference on human resources and social security just concluded this morning.

Tianjin pension and medical insurance subsidy both rose

In 2018, Tianjin will strive to promote the steady growth of people's income, comprehensively improve the level of social insurance treatment, implement the reasonable adjustment mechanism of basic pension, and moderately improve the basic pension of retirees.

In 2018, all the money went up and up. The basic pension standard for urban and rural residents will be increased to 295 yuan, the living allowance for the elderly will be increased to 113 yuan, 123 yuan and 133 yuan respectively, and the unemployment insurance payment standard will be increased to 90 yuan, 1240 yuan and 1200 yuan respectively.

Linked with the average wage of employees, the city will also adjust and improve the welfare standards such as work-related injury insurance benefits and heatstroke prevention fees.