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The causes of girls' drawing into 100000 a month

The causes of girls' drawing into 100000 a month Recently, a post-90s woman made 100000 yuan a month by painting and selling her paintings. Many netizens are lamenting and raising questions. How can an ordinary person make so much money by painting? Someone even takes out her family background. How can a girl make 100000 yuan a month? Let's have a look.

Why is it so high for post-90s women to earn 100000 yuan a month by drawing! In Nanping, Fujian Province, pan Lingying, a post-90s girl, liked to paint because of her greediness when she was a child. After graduating from college, she sold paintings at home. Pan Lingying said that the monthly income in the off-season is 30000 yuan, while in the peak season it can reach 100000 yuan. At the end of 2016, she changed a large house for her parents.

Pan Lingying said with a smile: 'when I was a child, I was greedy for food. My mother said I would eat whatever I could draw, buy me apples to eat when I drew apples, and buy me pears to eat when I drew pears. My teacher ran to the teacher next door to learn how to draw,

As soon as I finish painting, I can eat anything, so I like painting more and more later. However, there are a lot of questions in the hot discussion of netizens. Many art users said that many of Pan's paintings didn't seem to be hand-painted,

It's more like painting with a brush after printing out; some Taobao shopkeepers disclosed to morning paper reporters that Pan Lingying took pictures from her shop for a while; others said that they were pan Lingying's customers, and the paintings pan sold him at that time were fake paintings of others.

Reporter: can you guarantee that all your paintings are drawn by yourself? Pan Lingying: I've always been drawing in my own home by myself, and I don't have any helpers. I'm doing sales and after-sales alone.

Reporter: some netizens have suggested that you can respond to queries by completing the whole process of a painting live. Do you have this plan? Pan Lingying: I don't think it's necessary. I've posted many videos of my painting process on Weibo, including the video of a painting just half finished.