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How to deal with addiction to mobile phones now more and more people have become bow headed people. Whether they are alone or with friends, mobile phones have become a convenience in our social life. Among them, the harm of mobile phones is really great. Let's have a look!

How to quit addiction to playing mobile phone

​ &; &; &; &; &; &; &; 1. Turn off the message push to slim the phone

A message push often disrupts our thinking and what we are doing, takes our attention away, and wastes a lot of time. If not particularly important software and messages, turn off push and beep as much as possible to ensure that they are not interrupted by unnecessary messages. Delete unnecessary application software and reduce aimless browsing time.

2. No cell phones in toilets and bedrooms

You can't sleep at all by chatting, shopping and tweeting on your mobile phone & hellip; & hellip; I believe everyone has experienced it. Reading mobile phones before going to bed will delay people's sleep time and affect sleep quality. Entering the bedroom and toilet without mobile phones is one of the best solutions to ensure rest time and improve work efficiency.

3. Develop the habit of wearing a watch

I wanted to take out my cell phone and watch the time. By the way, I'd like to see my friends' circle, and then I'd like to brush my micro blog. Ten minutes later, it's over. But if you wear a watch, you can alleviate this kind of behavior properly.

4. Don't put your cell phone by your side when you eat or party

People who are addicted to mobile phones play mobile phones while serving food, which is disrespectful to others. When one starts to take a mobile phone, others will follow suit, which is not good. You can take advantage of serving time to communicate more, care about the recent life of your family and colleagues, and better exchange feelings.

5. Don't read novels on your cell phone

Many people like to read novels on their mobile phones. We often see someone reading novels on their mobile phones on the road or in the car. It's not good. The addiction to mobile phones hasn't stopped. It's easy to get addicted to novels. The best way is not to read novels. After a long time, we get used to it. We can listen to more music and go shopping.

6. Don't play with your cell phone before you go to bed

In the evening, the light is not good, and it is easy to hurt your eyes when playing mobile phones. In addition, if you play for a long time, you will be very excited. You are reluctant to put down your mobile phone, which will affect the sleep quality.

7. Restricted use

The younger the child is, the more restrictions are. Try not to let the child have enough online food, because it is difficult to master the Internet usage. Some children will use it secretly at night, which may cause insufficient sleep or myopia.

8. Cultivate other interests

People with less interest are more likely to spend their time on mobile phones. Increase sports or outdoor activities, such as running, swimming, mountain climbing, cycling, etc., to reduce the time of contact with mobile phones. Playing with mobile phones is a habitual behavior. If we can realize the harm of mobile phone dependence, and try to control and reduce the use, we can get certain effect.

The harm of mobile phone addiction

First of all, the damage is physical. On the one hand, watching mobile phones has occupied a lot of people's spare time and reduced the sports they should have. On the other hand, when people play with mobile phones, they often use unhealthy posture, which will cause great damage to the cervical spine and even the spine. Moreover, because the operation of mobile phone mainly depends on fingers, playing with mobile phone for a long time may lead to diseases such as tenosynovitis. In addition, long-term stare at the mobile phone, resulting in myopia, dry eye disease or glaucoma and other eye diseases are greatly increased.

Secondly, cell phone addiction may bring about psychological changes. Some people suffer from cell phone obsessive-compulsive disorder. They feel that they will feel empty if they don't look at their cell phones for a while. Or, if they don't take their cell phones one day, they feel like they have something missing and fidgety all day. In addition, because smart phone is a very convenient Internet terminal, frequent use, it is easy to cultivate many people's Internet addiction, resulting in people can not control their online time every day, and pay more attention to the online situation than their real life.

Cell phone addiction also affects our normal life and study. Nowadays, many college students not only surf the Internet in their spare time, but also surf the Internet through mobile phones in class. It is also common to use mobile phones to surf the Internet or play games during working hours. Moreover, many people even spend almost all their time on their mobile phones when they come home. There is less normal communication between husband and wife, which affects their feelings.

Smart phones give us a test of how to resist the temptation. In the face of mobile phones, we should learn to arrange our own time reasonably. We should lead the mobile phone instead of the mobile phone leading our nose. For this reason, we should arrange a schedule for our mobile applications. When the time comes, we should turn off the mobile phone and go back to our real life. In addition, when the whole family is together, it's better not to play with mobile phones to protect our family. If possible, choose one or two days a month to go outside and temporarily turn off your smartphone, so as to enrich your life beyond your phone.

If you feel that you can't do without your cell phone for a moment, make sure you're suffering from cell phone dependency, and get treatment from a psychiatrist.

Performance of cell phone addiction

1. Do not shut down for 24 hours. 40% of the people keep their mobile phones around the body for 24 hours, 83% of them put them beside their bed when they go to bed, 75% of them have called while driving, which will cause different degrees of harm to their bodies.

2. Often texting while walking. 47% of teenagers think that social life can't be separated from texting, 42% of them say that they can 'blind fight' by texting.

3. Use mobile phones to avoid social activities. 15% admitted that if they didn't want to talk to strangers, they would take out their mobile phones; more than 50% of them prefer virtual conversation to face-to-face conversation.

4. I would rather pay for the meal than turn in my mobile phone.

5. Never forget to modify or upgrade your apps.

6. There are 3 to 5 kinds of social applications on mobile phones, which are frequently used.

7. Use your cell phone when you go to the toilet. 40% of people play with their mobile phones while going to the toilet.