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How to choose office curtains and flowers

Office environment determines the mood of employees, and may also affect work efficiency, so how to choose curtains when decorating the office? How to decorate flowers? Come and have a look with Xiaobian.

What curtains are suitable for the Office

Office curtains must pay attention to the shading and sound insulation effect, so in general, the following kinds of curtains are widely used in the office area, but each has its advantages and disadvantages:

Vertical blinds

It is one of the early office curtain types, with the advantages of good air permeability, relatively convenient installation and simple style. The disadvantage lies in poor shading effect and easy damage. It is not suitable for installation on windows with strong sunlight. It is recommended to use in meeting room or leadership office area.

Plastic shutter

It is also an earlier product used on the family balcony and office curtains, with the advantages of convenient installation, easy cleaning and rich color. The disadvantage is that the price is relatively high, which is easy to cause indoor darkening. Not suitable for the needs of modern office. It is recommended to use in storage room or leadership office area.

Rolling curtain

It is the mainstream office curtain in 2010. The advantages are rich variety, moderate price, generous and simple, good sunshade performance and convenient installation. The disadvantage is that it is not easy to clean. But in 2012, there were many kinds of rolling curtains, which were easy to clean with water. Rolling curtains will be divided into three types by 2012: bead curtain, spring positioning curtain and electric curtain. And has ultra-thin, shading, thickening and other different specifications. It is mainly divided into two types: full shading and half shading, i.e. sun shutter. It is a convenient choice for office curtains. Full shade roller blinds are recommended for use in sunny windows or office areas. Other light is not very strong or need a certain light transmission effect occasion can choose semi shading roller shutter.

Aluminum and wood blinds

Various grades of aluminum blinds are well developed, the blades are easy to clean, and the operating rod and blades are easy to be damaged. Now there is a new operating system to solve this problem, that is, the rolling shutter control mode is adopted, which integrates opening and closing into a pull rope, which is beautiful (because it is installed on the side), convenient and durable. There are several kinds of wood shutters, such as log and imitation wood. Whether it's logs or high imitation wood made of environmental protection materials, they are expensive, and foreign customers need more. It is recommended to use in office area or leading office.

The best choice for office decoration is shade plants

Not all flowers and plants are suitable for the office, and not all flowers and plants are urging money and fortune. When choosing plants, we should not only consider the shape, smell and lighting requirements of plants, but also the five elements of life of office people. As for the flowers and plants suitable for office display, large leaf plants can be placed, and shade plants are often placed in the office.

It's better not to put flowers

Generally speaking, it's better not to choose flowers. Because flowers have pollen, it is not very beneficial to respiratory tract, even harmful to allergic rhinitis. If you want to put it, it's best to remove the pollen by hand at the early stage of flowering before the pollen has fallen off, so as not to let the pollen fall off naturally and affect everyone.

Flowers and plants for office decoration recommended for air purification

From the perspective of geomancy, the first thing to recommend here is cactus plants, with cactus as the best. Because they can not only purify the air, but also play a role in resisting external misfortunes, as well as alleviating internal conflicts. At the same time, they can also give visitors a sense of necessity and bring good luck to the host. In addition, violets, oranges and Chlorophytum can prevent diseases and kill bacteria. They are also good office plants.

Adjust your mood

According to the Vientiane theory, you can choose some plants to regulate your mood. For example, tortoise back leaf and evergreen are good plants for regulating mood and alleviating visual fatigue. In addition, the name of the rich and noble bamboo and the meaning of the rising festival will also have an impact on the owner's life, so it can be placed. In fact, many people, especially those in government and business, also like this plant very much, so they take it as the first choice for display.