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Can you drink Saffron? What's the advantage of drinking saffron

Generally speaking, you can drink saffron, but you should drink it in proper amount, not too much, so as to avoid discomfort. How much is the benefit of drinking Saffron? What's the advantage of drinking Saffron? Let's get to know.

Can I drink saffron


Saffron has the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. The main components of wine are ethanol, pungent sweet, warm nature, and the function of promoting blood circulation and drug potential. Saffron and wine have no drug conflicts and obvious toxic and side effects. Therefore, after drinking saffron, you can drink wine, and saffron and alcohol have certain benefits.

How much can I drink after drinking saffron

It is generally recommended to be about 50ml.

Drinking saffron after drinking will not affect the drug properties, but drinking should not be excessive. Excessive alcohol can easily stimulate the stomach and affect the stomach discomfort. Generally speaking, drinking about 50ml of saffron is OK, and it can also increase or decrease according to the depth of alcohol and the concentration of alcohol, but it should not be excessive.

The benefits of saffron and wine

1. Enhance efficacy

Wine has the function of promoting blood circulation and blood stasis. Saffron can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. The components in saffron are easy to dissolve in alcohol. Moreover, it can enhance the function of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis by the effect of alcohol warming and dredging meridians.

2. Easy to prepare

Saffron can be brewed and drunk. The preparation process is very convenient. It is also a convenient and appetizing best way for people who love wine and health preservation.

The method of making saffron wine

1. Saffron 4G, liquor 500ml.

2. Put saffron in a glass container.

3. Pour in white wine, seal well and shake well.

4. Leave for 7-14 days to drink. 20ml once a day.

Can saffron wine be drunk for a long time

It can be taken in small amount for a long time.

Saffron, as a health care drink, takes a long time to be effective, so there is generally no problem in taking saffron wine for a long time. Pay attention to the dosage. It is recommended that the dosage be 20ml at a time.