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Real Madrid vs Juventus live address for 2018 Champions League quarter finals at 02:45 on April 12, 2018, Beijing time, the Champions League will have a quarter final round, Real Madrid vs. Juventus live analysis and prediction recommendation.

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Real Madrid have only one Champions League left

For Real Madrid, the Champions League is the only tournament that can win the championship this season. The team has a strong desire to win three consecutive Champions League titles.

[status] Real Madrid 3 days ago, the Derby part of the rotation

Real Madrid drew 1-1 at home to Atletico Madrid three days ago. The Real Madrid core Ronaldo who scored a goal in the match was replaced by Benzema in 64 minutes. Bell started to play all the time to assist. The main midfield players Modric and Casimiro were rested and did not play.

[intention] Real Madrid can directly advance if they lose 3 goals or more

Due to Real Madrid's 3-0 away win over Juve in the first leg, as long as Real Madrid don't lose 3 goals or more at home, they can directly qualify for the Champions League semi-finals.

[injury stop] Real Madrid's two central defenders are absent without a regular central defender

Ramos, the main defender of Real Madrid, was suspended in this game. In addition, Nacho, the defender with the most playing time in the defence, continues to be absent due to injury. At present, there is only one real guard in varane in the defence of the team, and guard bareho and midfielder attacker Basque are in doubt due to injury.

[data] 150 Champions League milestones

This game is the 150th Champions League match of Real Madrid's core Ronaldo's career. Ronaldo is in a hot state in the Champions League this season, scoring 14 goals in 9 games, and in a state of explosion, including the first leg match between the two sides, when Ronaldo scored twice, receiving applause from the fans of the visiting team at home.