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Sony responded to the investment in station B. why does Sony want to invest in station B

On April 9, BiliBili announced that it had obtained a strategic investment of US $400 million from Sony. At the same time, the two sides will cooperate in many fields, especially animation and mobile games. According to the agreement, Sony will subscribe 17310696 class Z ordinary shares newly issued by station B through a wholly-owned subsidiary for a total consideration of about US $400 million. The purchase price is US $23.1071 per class Z ordinary share, equivalent to US $23.1071 per station B American Depositary Shares (ads). The transaction is expected to be completed soon, when Sony will hold about 4.98% of the total issued shares of station B through its subsidiary.

In this regard, Sony China said that it is optimistic about the entertainment business, attaches importance to the Chinese market, and promotes the further development of Sony's entertainment business by leveraging the core user group of the younger generation of station B and the strong strength of online entertainment.