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After unsealing, Wuhan or Cheng is safest to Zhang Wenhong: "mass immunization" may already exist

Previously, the British prime minister proposed not to take any measures for passive 'mass immunization' which has been criticized by all walks of life. If it is really implemented, it may be a disaster. But in fact, there is the possibility of mass immunization in reality.

Recently, in an interview with China International Television, Zhang Wenhong said that even though some cities in China and Wuhan city had taken preventive measures, many of them had been infected with COVID-19. If many people had infected COVID-19, the &lsquo of this group would be infected by COVID-19. Group Immunity & rsquo; May already exist. "

Based on the above inference, Zhang Wenhong said: 'in China, the only city with the highest immunity will be Wuhan. After a period of time, Wuhan may be the safest city in China because many people already have immunity'.

From the perspective of epidemiology, Zhang Wenhong suggested that Wuhan might become the safest city in China. However, he stressed that 'mass immunization' is a scientific problem, which is only an inference, and more research should be done to explore it.

He also revealed that at present, some doctors and scholars in Wuhan have designed some research schemes for this problem. It is believed that it will be possible to get relevant information about the virus antibody level of local people in a few weeks, 'but at present, everything remains to be studied.'