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A person with Hubei green code was diagnosed as having low back pain, but he had no fever and respir

On April 10, Tang Xiaoping, director of Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, said: among the asymptomatic infected people reported in Guangzhou today, one was the "green code" who took the initiative to investigate.

The asymptomatic infection was a male Hubei native. She received the Hubei health code (green code) from Hubei in April 4th to Guangzhou. On the 7 day, she received hospital sampling for the pain. The hospital took the initiative to sample and test. After screening and reviewing, COVID-19 nucleic acid test was positive. It has been transferred to have a fever in the eight hospital and he has no fever and respiratory symptoms. He was diagnosed with asymptomatic infection yesterday. Now his close contacts have been incorporated into medical management, and the activity place has also been disinfected.

Source: Beijing Daily @ Guangzhou Daily