Sihai network

From April 10, 2018, the national railway will implement the new train diagram

Four seas network: from 0:00 on April 10, the national railway will implement the new train diagram. After the adjustment of operation chart, the number of operation of "Fuxing" EMUs increased, and the freight capacity further improved.

According to the person in charge of China Railway Corporation, the optimization and adjustment of train operation chart is the specific action of China Railway Corporation to further deepen the structural reform of railway transportation supply side, implement the requirements of "adjusting transportation structure by the central government, increasing railway freight volume" and better meet the increasing travel and logistics needs of the people. Therefore, the railway department gives full play to the advantages of high-speed railway and general railway network, coordinates the market demand of passenger and freight transportation, and further scientifically optimizes the allocation of passenger and freight transportation capacity.

Up to 4 hours and 18 minutes in Beijing and Shanghai

Since June 26, 2017, the "Fuxing" EMU train officially launched in both directions on the Beijing Shanghai high speed railway, which is popular with Chinese people for its larger capacity, higher comfort and higher security. During the Spring Festival 2018, the "Fuxing" train not only realized 12306 online ordering, ordering special products along the way and other services, but also allows passengers to use cash, wechat, Alipay, swipe cards and so on Various ways to pay for the consumption on the train help the railway department to successfully achieve the goal of "safe spring transportation, orderly spring transportation, warm spring transportation and better experience for passengers". The attendance rate has reached 100%, and the people's demand for the transportation capacity of "Fuxing" is growing.

"For this reason, this railway map adjustment focuses on the improvement of the operation quantity of the" Renaissance ". Eight pairs of 350km / H & lsquo; Fuxing EMU trains will be added, including 1 pair from Beijing south to Shanghai Hongqiao, 2 pairs from Beijing south to Shanghai, 3 pairs from Beijing south to Hangzhou East and 2 pairs from Beijing south to Hefei south. 'introduction by Tian kuocan, Publicity Department of China Railway Corporation.

After the implementation of the new map, Beijing to Shanghai through the compression stop, to achieve up to 4 hours and 18 minutes, compared with the compression of 6 minutes before the map adjustment; Beijing to Hangzhou, Hefei travel time is reduced by 36 minutes, 20 minutes respectively compared with the fastest train now. After the map adjustment, 114.5 pairs of national railway 'Fuxing' EMUs have been put into operation every day, reaching 23 municipalities directly under the central government, provincial capitals and capitals of autonomous regions.

In addition, the number of EMUs is further increased in this map adjustment, and six pairs of EMU trains are arranged for Shiji and Jiaoji passenger dedicated lines, including one for Shijiazhuang, one for Rongcheng, one for Weihai and Yantai, one for Jinan west to Qingdao, one for Jinan to Weihai and one for Weihai to Pingyuan East, and one for Pingyuan east to Weihai every weekend. Two more EMU trains will be arranged for Xicheng passenger dedicated line, one from Zhengzhou east to Chengdu East and one from Chongqing West.

In the peak period of passenger flow, there will be 1 pair from Yantai to Shijiazhuang, 1 pair from Shijiazhuang to west of Jinan, 1 pair from plain east to Weihai and 1 pair from Weihai to west of Jinan to further meet the travel needs of passengers. "Said the relevant person in charge of China Railway Corporation.

Continue to tap the potential of cargo transportation

On March 29, not long ago, the successful opening of China Europe train (Poland Chengdu) marked that the cumulative number of China Europe trains reached 1000 in 2018. This year, the number of China Europe trains reached 1000, only taking 88 days, 168 days shorter than 256 days in 2016, 45 days shorter than 133 days in 2017, setting a new historical record. In order to better serve the international logistics needs of the belt and road initiative, four more China Europe trains will be added to the railway map. '

Up to now, the cumulative number of China Europe trains has exceeded 7600, with 61 domestic lines, and the number of domestic cities operating China Europe trains has increased to 43, reaching 41 cities in 13 European countries.

At the same time, with the transformation and upgrading of China's economic structure, the added value of railway freight goods is gradually increased, which also puts forward new requirements for the timeliness and safety of domestic railway transportation. It is understood that in 2017, the total freight volume of China's railways reached 3.689 billion tons, up 10.7% year on year. After this map adjustment, there will be 84 non-stop trains for trans Bureau bulk materials. While reducing the train operation time, the railway will further meet the market demand for fast freight transportation and ensure the transportation of key materials related to the national economy and people's livelihood, said the relevant person in charge of China Railway Corporation.

In addition, the railway mapping will continue to tap the transportation capacity of the main freight channels of the west to east coal transportation and north to South coal transportation, such as Daqin, Tanghu, Wari, etc. by increasing 220 pairs of freight trains, including 60 freight trains of 10000 tons and above and optimizing the hub division of labor, the efficient and fast transportation organization of freight trains will be realized. It is estimated that the annual freight transportation volume will increase by 200 million tons.