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Time and place of 2017 Qingdao beer festival what is the origin of Qingdao Beer Festival

Do you like beer? How much do you know about Qingdao Beer Festival? Every year, Qingdao Beer Festival is a huge event. People from all over the world gather to drink delicious Tsingtao beer. Next, introduce the time and place of 2017 Qingdao Beer Festival.

Time and place of 2017 Qingdao Beer Festival

Located between Hong Kong East Road and Haikou Road, the langhaiyuan lawn, as a new section of this year, has been open since July. During the beer festival, the area will be opened free of charge. According to reports, Century Square beer city will set up 14 beer venues, one Beer Festival cultural exhibition hall and one large beer drinking square this year.

Address: Century Square, Laoshan District and the venue of 2017 Tsingtao Beer Festival in the surrounding area. The beer city of century square, Laoshan district covers an area of 200000 square meters, starting from Hong Kong East Road in the South and ending at xianxialing road in front of the South Gate of Laoshan District Government in the North. From north to south, it is divided into five sections: Qingdao beer passion square, world beer brand square, beer leisure square, Carnival playground and Beer Festival Golden bank square.

Exhibition date: August 16, 2017 to August 31, 2017

When will Qingdao beer festival begin in 2017

From the second weekend in August 2017, it will last for half a month.

Qingdao Beer Festival was founded in 1991, initially sponsored by Qingdao Brewery, and then organized by Qingdao Municipal People's government. The event is a large-scale festival with beer as the medium, integrating tourism, leisure, cultural entertainment, and economic and trade display. It is the largest wine Carnival in China. It is held in Qingdao on the second weekend of August every year, and lasts for 15 days With wide popularity and influence at home and abroad, it is known as the largest beer event in Asia Qingdao International Beer Festival

From a small local festival to the first beer festival in Asia, the development of Qingdao Beer Festival is in line with the pace of Qingdao's economic and social development. 'I couldn't drink foreign beer in the first few sessions. Gao Zhong, a Qingdao citizen who has participated in the drinking competition since the first beer festival, won eight Championships and been known as "beer king", told reporters directly that with the internationalization of the festival, more and more international brands of beer have been drunk. It is reported that the first beer festival was held in the southwest corner of Zhongshan Park in 1991, sponsored by Tsingtao beer group. Most of the beer producers from Laizhou, Weihai and other provinces came. Zhu Quansheng, who comes to Zibo every year to attend the beer festival, is not impressed by the first three festivals. He accurately remembered that the first time he drank the imported foreign beer at the beer festival was at the fourth beer festival in 1994. Since then, more and more foreign beers have appeared at the beer festival. In 2006, 45 beer brands were introduced into the 16th Beer Festival, including 41 foreign brands.