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Is bottled water good for a long time? What are the hazards of drinking bottled water for a long tim

In some high-end elimination or office, many people often choose to drink bottled water for convenience. They think it's clean, fast and free of impurities. In fact, this approach is wrong. Although bottled water is clean and convenient, it also has great security risks. Drinking bottled water for a long time is not good for the body!

How about drinking bottled water for a long time? It's not good to drink bottled water for a long time.

Bottled water should be consumed within 5 days, and the storage time is too long, which is easy to cause water pollution. This is because the water, air and proper temperature in the water dispenser provide suitable conditions for the reproduction of E.coli, anaerobic bacteria, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, mould and other bacteria. As time goes on, the quality of drinking water will be seriously affected.

Harm of drinking bottled water frequently

The mineral water uses PC bucket (good bucket: relatively speaking, but it will produce more and more chemicals after a long time: bisphenol A). This bucket has good transparency and high rigidity, so the wall of the bucket is not very thick, and it is colorless and transparent. In 2004, TPE bucket (General bottled water is disposable, anti reuse is toxic, and it is forbidden to be used in many places). In 2004, the state banned pet bucket recycling for bucket Package with water. Although it is now required to carry out QS certification for buckets, the buckets sent for inspection by some enterprises are qualified, and the ones actually used may not be qualified.

Bacteria grow in the water bucket when it is in overtime service, and the secondary pollution of the water in the bucket is inevitable

The secondary pollution of bottled water is inevitable. No exception for water delivery is the use of bicycles and tricycles. Due to the influence of time, climate, environment and personnel quality, there is a great possibility of "secondary pollution" in the whole water delivery process. At the same time, the bacteria and dust in the air will inevitably enter the water dispenser and bucket. The large-scale survival and reproduction of bacteria is extremely harmful to people's health. There is also a common problem of "thousand boiling water" in bottled water. When the bottled water is repeatedly heated in the water dispenser, it will form a "thousand boiling water". It seems clean, but it is actually a concentrated solution of harmful substances such as heavy metals and arsenide.

The so-called "thousand boiling water" is the water boiled overnight or for a long time on the stove, and the water repeatedly boiled in the electric water heater. This kind of water has a high content of nonvolatile substances, such as heavy metals such as calcium and magnesium, and nitrite due to its long cooking time. Drinking this kind of water for a long time, the substances in the water will interfere with the gastrointestinal function of people, resulting in temporary diarrhea and abdominal distention; toxic nitrite will also cause anoxia in the body, even coma, convulsion and even death in severe cases. This kind of water is generally inedible and can only be used for the study of harmful substances in the extracted water. Because the temperature of boiling water in the water dispenser is only over 90 degrees, there is no saying of thousand boiling water.

Over time service bucket becomes a paradise for bacteria breeding

According to the regulations, each bucket will be scrapped after 100 times of repeated use. Experts say scrap barrels are often a 'paradise' for bacteria to grow. Some small and medium-sized bottled water manufacturers do not carefully disinfect the recycled empty buckets, but simply wash them in the tap water for use, resulting in a large number of bacteria in the buckets. With this kind of bottled water, no matter how good the water is, it must be polluted. The "black barrel" has not completely withdrawn from the market, and the excessive service of the water barrel is serious. The waste barrels that should be eliminated are still in large use, which causes great pollution to the bottled water.