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What's the matter with the Russian army in combat readiness? How does the Russian army deal with the

Recently, there was a chemical weapons attack in Syria. The United States and other western countries first accused Syrian government forces of carrying out the attack. President trump of the United States said frankly that he would consider using force against Syria. In this regard, Russian permanent representative to the United Nations nebija warned that "if the United States uses force against Syria, it will face serious consequences". Russian media exposed that Russia's land, sea and air have been in a state of 'combat readiness'.

On April 9, in a meeting with members of the government, President trump condemned the chemical weapons attack in the Syrian city of Duma, saying it was too terrible. He said: 'we will make a decision in the next 24 to 48 hours on whether to take a counterattack against Syria. The possibility of military attack is not excluded. We will find out whether this is done by the Russians, Syria or Iran, or maybe they did it together. '

Iran's Babak tagwai said on his twitter that the missile destroyer 'Donald cook' is currently located in the eastern Mediterranean, 100 kilometers from Tartus, and may use 60 'tomahawks' cruise missiles to strike Syria. '

Russia is also ready for the U.S. plan to use force against Syria.

In response, Russian news agency quoted Turkey's "freedom newspaper" reported that Russian warplanes at least four times flew over the United States' Donald cook 'missile destroyer in the eastern Mediterranean to monitor the warship.

Nebija, Russia's permanent representative to the United Nations, warned that if the United States uses force against Syria, it will face serious consequences.