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What's the matter with the fugitive being arrested for listening to Jacky Cheung's concert on the evening of April 7, seven years later, Zhang Xueyou, the singer God, came to Nanchang again for a concert. Tens of thousands of people gathered in Nanchang National Sports Center to start a Music Carnival.

However, shortly after the concert, an unexpected scene was born. Several policemen went to the stand of the performance center and took a man who was watching the concert away from the scene.

The man turned out to be an online fugitive. According to Honggutan police station, the man surnamed Ao, 31 years old, from Jiangxi Province, was listed as an online fugitive by Zhangshu Public Security Bureau, suspected of an economic case. When I went to the live concert that day, I was locked by the intelligent security portrait recognition function, which made the police find him in the vast crowd.

Li Jin, a police officer at Honggutan police station, told reporters: 'when we found him, he was dazed, but we didn't expect to find him among tens of thousands of people. '

According to Ao, a friend bought the tickets for the concert and drove to Nanchang from Zhangshu that day to watch the concert with his wife.

At present, police at Honggutan police station have contacted Zhangshu police to transfer the case for handling.