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How was Manchester City versus Liverpool in the quarter finals of the Champions League on April 11?

Beijing time 02:45am on April 11, 2017-2018 Champions League quarter final knockout round staged a focus match in the second leg, Manchester City took the seat at the Etihad Stadium against Liverpool.

In the second minute, Manchester City got a dream start. Stirling assisted gersus to push the opening record. Sane was found to be offside. After half-time, Manchester City led Liverpool 1-0 at home.

The two teams have played 179 matches in history, with Liverpool 88-46, 45-45. However, in the Champions League, the two teams only met once in the first leg of the 1 / 4 final of this season, with Liverpool winning 3-0 at home to Manchester City. Since the reform of the Champions League, only two teams have lost 3 or more goals in the first leg of the knockout match, namely, LaCO against Milan in 2003-04 season and Barcelona against Paris last season. Manchester City, 27-3-2, 84 points, while Liverpool, 19-10-4, 67 points, ranked third. This season, two league matches, one win for each team, Manchester City 5-0 home victory over Liverpool, and away 3-4 defeat Liverpool.

In the second minute of the opening, Manchester City made a dream start. Van Dyck's left back was tackled by Bernardo Silva under the pressure of sterling. A wonderful straight plug was sent near the middle line of Fernando di? NiO. The ball was knocked on the right side of the sterling penalty area. The right foot of the ball point in the gersus penalty area pushed the first shot. Manchester City 1-0 Liverpool.

In the 9th minute, sane made a left cross in the front court, David Silva turned his left foot to knock on the Middle Road, debrunay stopped his right foot and curled the ball, which was higher than the crossbeam.