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How to prevent tourism fraud in Yunnan

How to prevent tourism fraud in Yunnan Yunnan is a good place to travel. Dali and Lijiang have many good places to go. However, in recent years, with the increase of the number of people going to Yunnan, there are many cases of being cheated. So how to prevent being cheated when traveling to Yunnan? Now, let's teach you some tricks.

Fraud prevention methods of traveling to Yunnan

1. Beware of 'wild horse guides' and pullers at airports and stations, especially at railway and bus stations.

Kunming, Lijiang station airport and other passenger distribution centers gather a large number of unidentified personnel with various signboards, some of whom sell tickets, some of whom are taken to hotels for accommodation, and some of whom are taken to travel. They certainly do not have legal qualifications, but most of them have very strong ability to observe, to vote for what they like, and to be able to speak well, first of all, to pay high prices If it can't be sold, it will be lured by ultra-low price. As long as it succeeds, it will immediately resell the customers, and no one will be found in the twinkling of an eye. In fact, there are many problems in it. Since they can take it at a low price at a loss, they will naturally have a way to kill customers.

2. Cheap but not good

The sentence "cheap is not good" is also suitable for Yunnan tourism. In terms of accommodation booking and travel arrangement, taxi or black car drivers have no advantage over regular inns. All they can introduce are low-cost artificial landscape projects, traffic vehicles without tourism qualification and safety guarantee.

The Internet is a very transparent medium. There are many websites that introduce Yunnan tourism on the Internet. The same routes and scenic spots offer various prices. Why? Tourists should carefully check the specific scenic spot items in the itinerary and whether the tickets for the scenic spot items in the itinerary are included in the itinerary price when choosing the travel route on the Internet. Although some websites indicate a lot of contents in the itinerary, they only indicate the scenic spot tickets included in the price in an inconspicuous place. The price of inns is the same. Many Inns mark a luxury standard room of 30 yuan or 40 yuan, which is usually a room with problems, such as a room without windows or dark. When you live in a room, you must not covet the low price of the room. The first consideration should be safety.

3. Watch out for the taxi trap

Some taxis or local black cars in Lijiang are waiting around the airport and some big hotels, waiting for the rabbit. They cheat tourists' trust with some rhetoric, and earn high illegal kickbacks by introducing accommodation, local flavor restaurants and tourists. Among them, it is the most risky to follow the taxi driver of Lijiang black car to take part in the tourism, luring them to Wenfeng temple or the surrounding temple at a low price to donate money to the so-called eminent monk to build a temple or open up jewelry, fortune telling and looking after each other, etc., and once the cheater finds out that the cheater is cheated, he will complain that there is no door. Because the driver of the black car will tell that he took the guest at his request.

4. Alert to the idle people in Yunnan scenic spot

Some idle people in Yunnan scenic spots will come to ask if you want to help take a picture. If you teach them the camera in your hand, according to his requirements, stay away, stay away, stay away. When you find that it's far enough, he runs off the path. It's hard to catch up. After all, people have specially designed escape routes. It's estimated that it's dark when you dial 110 police and arrive at the scene.

5. See the qualification of Yunnan travel agency or club

Visitors to Yunnan tourism group should pay attention to the different types of travel agencies, including clubs. Club or domestic club, indicating the scope of business. Generally, it is better to take part in tourist groups in Yunnan, and the distance between scenic spots and scenic spots in Yunnan is relatively long.

6. Love lies in Lijiang Entertainment

Whether it's true or false, it's also a high-risk thing on the road. Watch out for the cheater who turns into a romantic lover. After a couple of days of flirting or watching, you will lose both money and money! There are too many expectations and fantasies about the exotic love on the journey. Kunming Kanghui Travel Agency advises that you should not rush to develop even if you are destined to meet new friends on the journey. It is the most important thing to protect yourself well, even if you are not in high-risk love! Remember to do as the Romans do. Some temples of Lijiang tourism refuse female visitors. Please don't break in without the consent of the administrator. Don't expose your clothes and enter the temple to destroy the beliefs of the local people. Therefore, you must respect them to avoid conflicts with ethnic minorities, so as not to bring inconvenience or attract unfriendly eyes.