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How to get rid of sweater pilling

How to get rid of sweater pilling in our life, many of us will meet the pilling of sweaters, not just sweaters. Many clothes will pilling after wearing for a while. Most of us will choose the tape to stick the wool balls on the clothes, but there are better and faster ways to deal with the small knitting. Let's take a look!

How to get rid of sweaters

1. Use a razor to gently scrape and comb the ball on the sweater, and the surface of the sweater will be very smooth in a moment. It should be noted that do not use too much force in the process of shaving, especially for the newly purchased razor. If you use too much force, it is easy to cut the sweater when removing the pilling part.

2. You can use transparent adhesive, and it's the kind of wide adhesive. Use adhesive tape to stick the wool ball on the clothes.

3. The sponge used for washing dishes should be new, clean and hard. The raised face should face the sweater, just slip it gently.

4. Take a piece of light stone and slide it over the sweater like water skiing. Remove a fur ball at once.

5. Using the hair ball trimmer (available on Taobao) can effectively remove the hair ball on the surface of clothing. In the process of using, we should also pay attention to the arrangement of sweaters. Because the cutter head of sweater trimmer rotates faster, we should place the sweaters on the plane when cleaning the pilling part of sweaters, and trim after stretching the wrinkles.

How to prevent the sweater from pilling?

1. When knitting sweaters, when using fine count wool yarn (cashmere type), mercerized wool yarn and Tencel series wool yarn, the knitting density should be increased appropriately, and the pattern structure should be reduced.

2. The sweater should be smooth inside and outside when wearing.

3. Remove and wash frequently, and recombine once every 2-3 years generally. Use neutral detergent or soap powder when washing. Do not twist it when the water temperature is below 50 ℃, and spread it flat to dry.

4. Nowadays, most sweaters are blended with wool and acrylic fiber, or wool and viscose fiber. Acrylic fiber is easy to pilling, viscose fiber is easy to electrostatic and pilling, and the wool itself will slightly pilling, generally mercerized wool will not pilling.

Prevent pilling when washing sweater:

1. When washing, turn the sweater inside out, reduce the friction of the sweater surface, and prevent the sweater from pilling.