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What's the matter with the shooting of boxing king Xuan Fu

What's the matter with the shooting of boxing king Xuan Fu as one of the most profitable athletes in the world, boxer King Mayweather earned more than $300 million in 2015 alone, more than twice as much as his second and old rival Pacquiao, and his career income has also exceeded the $600 million mark. With money, Mayweather's wealth on social networks is amazing. He constantly shows off his luxurious house, car, watch and other things. This kind of ostentation brought him high exposure, but also attracted a lot of dissatisfaction. On April 9, local time, he was nearly killed in a deliberate shooting. At three o'clock in the morning, Mayweather and his party came out of the famous American nightclub Medusa to return to the Intercontinental Hotel where he stayed. The motorcade was attacked by a gunman in Atlanta. There are three cars in the fist King's line. They are arranged in one line. The boxer is sitting in one of the cars. The gunman drives after Mayweather's motorcade. The car he attacks turns out to be Mayweather's bodyguard's car. The gunman doesn't leave until he hears the siren. When the police arrived, they found that Rosa, Mayweather's bodyguard, was shot in the leg. Now the injury is stable, but Mayweather himself is not in serious trouble.