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The United States holds contactless fighting competitions. Both sides must maintain a distance of 1.

Original title: the United States held a contactless fighting competition at a distance of 1.8 meters to stage a real-life version of 'fighting cattle in the air'

In order to call on people to keep a distance during the epidemic, the United States recently held a 'contactless fighting competition'. During the competition, the two fighters looked fierce and launched an 'attack' on each other. But they must keep a distance of 1.8 meters. In case of accidental physical contact, the referee will stop the game and then measure the distance between the two with a tape measure. When the contestant picked up the chair to smash at the other party, he was stopped by the referee because he had to disinfect the chair before smashing it with the chair.

Due to special circumstances, most substitute games around the world have been suspended recently, while there is a fighting League called GCW in the United States, but they are stubborn and have been holding empty games before. However, because the players will have a lot of physical contact and are unsafe, GCW thought of another way. They held a 'contactless fighting competition'. The players should maintain a distance of 1.8m and disinfect before using chairs and other props.

How to fight a contactless fight? When one party starts to move, the other party must give feedback - one party should punch, and the other party should show the appearance of a middle punch; When the opponent uses the suppression action, the suppressed person should show an uncomfortable appearance; The opponent uses the collision action, and the person who is' hit 'must fall to the ground. If not, it is a foul. Therefore, in this competition, the player with bare upper body should cooperate with tacit understanding and be seamless. If someone does not give feedback, resulting in physical contact or too close, the referee will stop the game and warn the players to pay attention.

GCW can use chairs in many games. In this special game, when one player picked up the chair, the referee stopped the game because the chair was not disinfected. So the player carefully wiped the chair with a towel dipped in alcohol. After the referee approved it, he threw out the chair to attack his opponent, successfully completed Ko and won the game!

Fans know that most of the fighting leagues such as WWE and GCW are performance competitions, but it's really the first time to see such a clear performance and such an 'excessive' performance.