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Luo Yonghao apologized for a slip of the tongue during the live broadcast, hoping to forgive his sen

On the tiktok of April 1st, Luo Yonghao staged his tiktok debut with brilliant results: the turnover was 180 million yuan, the order volume was 900 thousand, the sound wave income was over 3 million 620 thousand yuan, and the total number of viewers was nearly 49 million.

Luo Yonghao recommended 23 products at one go today, among which Jimi H3 projector sold the most, with a final turnover of more than 36 million yuan, followed by xinliangji spicy crayfish, with a turnover of more than 20 million yuan, and stone sweeping robot, with a turnover of more than 17 million yuan.

But it was on the hottest Jimi that Lao Luo accidentally overturned the car. During the live broadcast, he mistakenly said that Jimi projector was a nut projector.

After the staff pointed out, Luo Yonghao immediately stood up and bowed 90 degrees to apologize to all the employees of Jimi company. He also joked that he hoped to forgive his senile dementia after seeing his bald scalp, and said he would find Jimi chairman Zhong Bo to apologize face to face.

Subsequently, Lao Luo also left the live studio for a short time and said he wanted to 'calm down'.