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The resumption rate of enterprises in Hubei has reached 93.8%, and that in Wuhan has reached 85.4%

Source: CCTV

Novel coronavirus pneumonia was released yesterday (April 1st) from the news conference of Hubei new crown pneumonia prevention and control work. With joint efforts from all sides, Hubei's resumption of work and rehabilitation has achieved some results. As of March 31, the return to work rate of "four top enterprises" in Hubei Province, including industries above Designated Size and legal entities in service industry above Designated Size, has reached 93.8% and 69.3%. The return to work rate and return to work rate in Wuhan also reached 85.4% and 40.4% respectively.

In order to help stabilize posts and support enterprises to reduce their burden, all kinds of insured enterprises in Hubei Province can enjoy phased policies such as exemption, reduction and postponement of social security fees. It is expected that the amount of social security fees exempted from enterprise pension, unemployment and industry and Commerce from February to June will exceed 27 billion yuan.