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17 people in a British family were infected and gathered to attend the funeral, resulting in tragedy

17 people in a British family were infected and gathered to attend the funeral, resulting in tragedy

According to the daily mail, Sheila & middot; Brooks died at the age of 86. On March 13, despite the government's advice and blockade, her extended family attended Sheila's funeral, including 65 year old Susan.

Susan had been in good health before. But novel coronavirus pneumonia and cough symptoms began to appear on Susan's second day after the funeral. His condition deteriorated in a short time and his family had to call an ambulance. On the 16th of last month, Susan was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital and finally died in the early morning of the 24th. Her husband was with her.

Now, 16 other families attending the funeral also have symptoms, including Susan's husband and daughter Amanda, niece and uncle. Amanda said, 'since attending the funeral, about 17 family members have shown symptoms one after another, from their 21-year-old cousin to their 88 year old uncle. It's really strange that no one, young or old, has been spared. From the onset of symptoms to the death of the mother, it was only more than a week, which showed how fast the virus was escalating. The public should follow the norms of social alienation. Because the ward where my mother died was the same as that where Aunt Sheila died, the paramedics immediately recognized my mother and she felt very sad. "

Amanda speculated that everyone should be infected collectively at the funeral of her elder Sheila. Because many families are in hospital, they are worried that most of their relatives can't get through this and may not survive. 'we used to be a very close family, but the virus destroyed everything.'

Susan's son Carl is one of the only asymptomatic members of the family. Because the family are all in isolation, Carl has to drive to the hospital to get relevant forms to register his mother's death. Carl said, 'my father described the hospital as a living area. The evil degree of the virus should not be underestimated. Don't be stupid and don't take risks. Everyone, please follow the advice. Stay at home and stay safe. Anyone who thinks he is very healthy and thinks it is like a cold or flu is really taking a risk. "