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Yao Ming donated blood from Dongzhimen. Yao Ming successfully donated 400ml of blood

Yesterday, 12 staff members of the China Basketball Association donated blood free of charge in the Dongzhimen blood donation shelter in Beijing. Yao Ming, chairman of the Basketball Association, successfully donated 400 ml of blood.

Of the 12 staff members, 11 successfully donated blood, with a total of 2400ml of blood. The official microblog 'capital blood donation' of the Beijing Red Cross Blood Center issued a document praising Yao Ming and the Basketball Association for this' hot blood action interprets great love and charity, condenses the strength of sincerity and carries the hope of life '.

In the photos, Yao Ming covered his face with a mask and showed his thanks and blood donation certificate.

As soon as this news came out, some netizens left a message on the capital's blood donation microblog 'which blood donation stations are there in Beijing? I want to choose nearby'.

Did you find Yao Ming in the group photo?