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Weiya sells 40 million rockets for live broadcasting. Luo Yonghao's premiere brings 110 million good

Did you watch the live broadcast last night?

Some people say,

It was China's live broadcast last night

The bloodiest night,

It has created the top in China's e-commerce history in 2020

A magical night.

Why do you say that?

Friends who missed the live broadcast,

Hurry to make up a lesson

'how do novices buy a rocket?'

Early in the morning of April 1, Taobao official wechat's' soul question 'triggered a heated discussion. Invite professionals to explain the rocket purchase guide. But the comment area is still full of question marks: 'is it true?' Xiaobian once suspected: isn't it an April Fool's Day joke?

Then, after Taobao broadcast live, relevant people confirmed:

'it's true, it's true, it's true.'

Wei wants to sell & hellip& hellip; Fire & hellip& hellip; Arrow & hellip& hellip;

you 're right!

The rocket you know!

At 8:30 p.m. on April 1, in the Taobao anchor Weiya live broadcast room, the rocket launch service was put on the shelf. The original price of the rocket was 45 million yuan. Because it was broadcast live on Taobao for the first time, plus Weiya's face, it was directly discounted by 5 million and 40 million! A deposit of 500000 yuan is required.

Xiaobian suddenly inflated himself,

Think hard,

Does that sound like a good deal?

5 million discount!

Within 5 minutes after the rocket link is put on the shelf

More than 800 people took deposits.

Finally, it sold out directly

It is reported that the rocket model of this' launch 'is the kuaizhou-1a solid launch vehicle. The rocket is developed by Hubei enterprise Aerospace Science and industry Rocket Technology Co., Ltd. It is a mature small solid launch vehicle. Previously, it has successfully completed 8 commercial launches.

The details page of the rocket launch service shows that the rocket launch service and brand service are sold this time, including task title, arrow body and launch vehicle body advertising. Buyers can visit the site to observe the launch.

Cao meng, marketing director of Aerospace Science and industry Rocket Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters that he saw on his microblog a few days ago that Taobao launched a vote and asked everyone what they wanted to buy in the live studio.

Many netizens said they wanted to buy Rockets: 'can rockets? "I want to go to heaven" does not exist. At that time, Taobao anchor Weiya replied to netizens: "there is no rocket business.".

Cao meng thought: 'why can't our rocket launch service be sold in the Taobao live studio?' So the first half of his microblog jokingly said that he could provide rockets. Unexpectedly, he really received the consultation from Weiya's team. This contributed to the 'rocket's first order'.

Luo Yonghao's live debut,

Sales of 170 million

Yesterday, a 'heavyweight newcomer' of the live broadcast session

Brush blasting network.

Luo Yonghao, former founder and CEO of hammer technology

Live premiere,

Anyway, Xiaofang's circle of friends last night

Here's the thing & DARR& darr;& darr;

In March 26th, Luo Yonghao announced that tiktok would be shown live on April 1st at 8 o'clock today. Not long after releasing the news of his transformation anchor, in addition to a number of technology companies seeking cooperation, even companies selling agricultural products' apply 'online. I hope Mr. Luo can help broadcast the lettuce agricultural products sold on a commission basis.

What goods did Luo Yonghao bring?

Here's the list

From the response of users, many people regard Lao Luo's live broadcast as a crosstalk show.

Some people question his ability to sell goods:

He is not sharp in speech

Unfamiliar with the product

Do not understand the process & hellip& hellip;

However, many fans expressed their support:

I haven't seen the live broadcast before,

This time into the pit!

From the data, as of 23:09 p.m., more than 48 million viewers had watched Lao Luo's live broadcast. The sales reached 170 million yuan, the order volume exceeded 840000 yuan, and the total revenue of the rewarded sound wave has exceeded 3.6 million yuan.

Speaking of live broadcasting,

I have to mention Li Jiaqi!

But last night,

Li Jiaqi tweeted: there will be no live broadcast tonight.

Increased competition for live broadcasting,

For this wonderful night,

What's your opinion?