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Rabe's descendants ask China for help. Who is Rabe? Rabe is known as China's Schindler

"Mountains and mountains don't meet, people meet."

As the global epidemic spread, the friendship between Chinese and German friends, which lasted 82 years, met again.

At present, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in Germany by over 60 thousand, and the epidemic situation is grim. There are more than 45000 Chinese students studying in Germany. Chinese ambassador to Germany Wu Ken recently communicated with foreign students online.

Wu Ken told a story to foreign students.

From the end of 1937 to the beginning of 1938, during the Nanjing Massacre, German John & middot; John H. D. Rabe built a safety zone in the local area, saving the lives of more than 200000 Chinese people.

82 years later, novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak occurred worldwide.

Recently, Rabe's grandson, a doctor at Heidelberg University Hospital, recently wrote for help and said that he needed a group of drugs made in China. Besides saving himself and his family, he also wants to save his patients.

The Ministry of industry and information technology soon found a pharmaceutical enterprise in Zhejiang. The pharmaceutical company decided to give medicine free of charge. At present, it has successfully handed it over to Rabe's descendants through international flights.

The story of "gratitude for kindness" moved many people. Some netizens said: 'as long as you help me, China will not forget!'

John & middot; Rabe, known as "Schindler of China", is one of the most important figures in the history of Sino German relations for more than 100 years.

During the Nanjing Massacre, he not only saved the lives of more than 200000 Chinese people, but also his record of witnessing the Nanjing Massacre, Rabe's diary, is recognized as the most complete historical data found in recent years to study the Nanjing Massacre.

Rabe's Diary makes that cruel history never be forgotten. It is a bloody and tearful accusation against the Japanese invaders for the Nanjing Massacre and a strong evidence of the crimes committed by Japanese imperialism.

Rabe said before his death, "I spent the best youth of my life happily in this country (China), my children and grandchildren were born here, my career has been successful here, and I have always been treated well by the Chinese people."

Every drop of kindness should be rewarded by the spring. Today, the Chinese have never forgotten to repay his "kindness".

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