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International epidemic: the United States confirmed more than 210000 cases, Germany extended the "fo

Johns & middot; Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in 930 thousand cases and 46 thousand cases have been reported in the Hopki University. Among them, there are more than 210000 cases in the United States; Britain and France recorded the largest increase in new deaths in a single day. Multinational anti epidemic measures have been upgraded. Germany announced the extension of the 'foot ban', and Japan and South Korea asked all immigrants to be isolated for 14 days.

Who director general: confirmed cases will exceed one million in a few days

Tan Desai, director general of the World Health Organization, said at the press conference on the 1st, "in the past five weeks, we have witnessed an almost exponential increase in newly confirmed cases. The death toll has more than doubled in the past week. The novel coronavirus pneumonia case will break through millions in a few days and 50 thousand people will die.

On March 25 local time, in a garment factory in the southern Italian city of morefeta, a pair of Italian sisters designed and made creative masks with the Italian word Andra Tutto bene, meaning: everything will be all right. It is reported that this clothing store specially designed and produced fashionable women's clothes before the outbreak.

Tan Desai also said that he would continue to evaluate the potential use of masks in a wider range. The debate over the use of masks at the community level continues. Who recommends that sick people and those who care for them use medical masks. However, in this case, the mask is only effective in combination with other protective measures.

More than 210000 confirmed cases in the United States

The Roosevelt will evacuate 2700 soldiers

According to Johns & middot; According to real-time data from Hopkins University, as of 6:04 a.m. Beijing time on April 2, 213372 cases had been confirmed in the United States and 4757 people died. The United States reported at least 869 deaths in one day, a new high.

Among them, New York state is the most seriously affected by the epidemic, with nearly 84000 cases confirmed in the whole state and more than 47000 cases confirmed in New York City. New York Mayor Beth Howe said that New York will need 15000 ventilators, 65000 medical beds and 20000 intensive care unit beds by the end of April.

At least 100 confirmed cases occurred on the US aircraft carrier "Roosevelt" docked in Guam. Thomas & middot, Acting Secretary of the United States Navy; Modi said on the 1st that the US Navy plans to evacuate about 2700 soldiers from the Roosevelt in recent days.

On March 24th, the US Navy confirmed that there were three sailors tested positive on COVID-19's "Roosevelt" aircraft carrier. This is the first time the US Navy has found a confirmed case on the warship carrying out its mission. Roosevelt, with about 5000 crew members, docked in Da Nang, Vietnam 15 days ago. The picture shows the US Navy 'Roosevelt' (cvn-71) entering Da Nang, Vietnam on March 5 local time.

France's single day deaths hit a new high

The cumulative number of confirmed cases in Spain exceeded 100000

The French epidemic continued to deteriorate on the 1st local time, with 500 deaths in a single day for the first time and 4000 deaths in total. The epidemic situation in Greater Paris is urgent, and the load of local hospitals has reached the limit.

According to the Spanish Ministry of health on April 1, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in the country exceeded 100000, reaching 102136 and 9053 deaths. Madrid, the capital, is still the area with the most severe epidemic, with nearly 30000 confirmed cases and 3865 deaths.

Germany extends' foot ban '

Italy continues to maintain the blockade

In Germany, 75428 people have been diagnosed with infection, 11722 have been cured and 884 have died. Chancellor Angela Merkel announced on the 1st that all States have agreed to extend the ban on public travel until April 19 after the Easter holiday.

On a major subway line in Berlin, there are no more than 5 passengers in each carriage and keep a distance of several meters from each other. Epidemic prevention tips are pasted in the carriage. Photographed by China News Agency reporter Peng Dawei

According to the data of the Italian Civil Defense Department at 18:00 local time on April 1, the number of confirmed cases in Italy has increased to 110574, and the number of deaths has reached 13155. Roberto middot, Minister of health of Italy; Speranza said that Italy will extend the blockade measures to combat the epidemic from March to April 13.

London opens' shelter hospital '

Prince Charles appeared for the first time since his diagnosis

According to the British Ministry of health and social security released on the 1st, there were 29474 confirmed cases and 2352 deaths in the UK. London's first 'shelter hospital' was opened on April 1.

Charles, the British crown prince who tested positive, has ended quarantine. He first appeared on the 1 day after the diagnosis, released a video in social media, told about the experience during the isolation, and said that Britain is facing a severe test. "Charles"

Affected by the epidemic, the 26th United Nations climate conference, originally scheduled to open in Glasgow, UK, on November 9 this year, will be postponed.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia center is being rebuilt to become Nightingale hospital, to prepare for more new crown pneumonia patients.

Strictly prevent overseas input

South Korea and Japan require immigrants to be isolated for two weeks

Up to now, the total number of confirmed cases in Japan has exceeded 2000. The Japanese government announced on the 1st that it would require all immigrants, including Japanese, to be isolated for 14 days after entry, and 49 countries and regions such as the United States and Canada would be added to the objects of measures to refuse foreigners entry.

As of 0:00 on April 1, 9887 cases had been diagnosed in South Korea. From that day on, South Korea required all entry personnel to be quarantined for two weeks.

Vietnam announces novel coronavirus pneumonia as a national epidemic

Asia Pacific multinational upgrading control measures

According to the data of the Ministry of health of Vietnam, as of 17:00 local time on April 1, there were 212 confirmed cases in Vietnam, of which 63 cases had been cured. The novel coronavirus pneumonia was declared a national epidemic by Ruan Chunfu, the Vietnamese Prime Minister, in April 1st. The country has implemented a 15 day social isolation measure nationwide since 0:00 on April 1.

Local time on March 24th, due to the impact of New Coronavirus, Thailand Bangkok famous tourist attractions Wat Chayamangkalaram empty. The temple is the oldest temple in Bangkok and the largest temple in Thailand.

On April 1 local time, a total of 1771 cases were confirmed and 12 people died in Thailand. A spokesman for the city hall of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, said Bangkok would close all parks and prohibit shops from opening in the early morning to curb the spread of the epidemic.

Indonesia added 149 confirmed cases on January 1, with a total of 1677 confirmed cases. Indonesian justice and human rights minister Yasuna said it plans to release 50000 prisoners serving their sentences in prison in advance to prevent the outbreak of the epidemic in overcrowded prisons.

More than 5000 confirmed cases in Africa

Local transmission in 28 countries

As of March 31, the cumulative number of confirmed cases in Africa has exceeded 5000. Data from the African Center for Disease Control and prevention show that 49 countries in Africa have outbreaks, of which 28 countries have local transmission. Facing the escalating epidemic situation, many countries have actively improved their epidemic prevention capacity.

As of 0:00 on April 1, 1353 confirmed cases and 5 deaths in South Africa. South African health minister mukaiz said that the growth trend of the number of confirmed cases in South Africa in the past week has slowed down, which shows a positive side. However, as South Africa begins to enter the high incidence season of infectious diseases, the pressure of epidemic prevention and control will continue to increase.

On March 31 local time, Ethiopia's National Election Commission said that due to the impact of the epidemic, the general election originally scheduled for August 29 would not be held as scheduled, and the new time of the general election is still under discussion.