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Zhang Wenhong said that asymptomatic infected people are not so terrible. How can healthy people pre

[Zhang Wenhong said that asymptomatic infected people are not so terrible] 'asymptomatic people are not so terrible, but they can't be ignored.' Shanghai novel coronavirus pneumonia clinical rescue expert group leader, Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University infectious disease director Zhang Wenhong said.

What is' asymptomatic '?

Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the financial media center of Shanghai radio and television recently jointly launched the popular science micro class "big coffee and small stove", and Zhang Wenhong answered a series of scientific questions of public concern during the epidemic.

Zhang Wenhong said that we should pay attention to it, but we should not over interpret it. This is our scientific attitude towards asymptomatic cases.

He said that the so-called asymptomatic infected people refer to: for example, 10 people are infected by the virus. After isolating these high-risk groups, in fact, we found that there may be only 8 people who really get sick, and there are 2 others. Some symptoms are very mild, and others may really have no symptoms.

"But in fact, this phenomenon is also common in infectious diseases," Zhang Wenhong said. He said that if there are asymptomatic 'carriers', there will certainly be another 8 people who are symptomatic.' we are not likely to see no symptomatic people in a society, and then all asymptomatic (infected people) lurk in the crowd, which is unrealistic. '

How can healthy people prevent 'asymptomatic'?

With the development of the epidemic situation, from 0:00 on March 28, Shanghai has implemented a 14 day centralized isolation health observation for all people entering Shanghai.

Zhang Wenhong said that China's epidemic is well controlled now, but if flights are opened in the future, it will bring some challenges to prevention and control.

How to prevent it? Zhang Wenhong said that everyone from the customs should be isolated for two weeks, 'but we are worried about whether two weeks of isolation is enough. If they are asymptomatic, they will not get sick after isolation. Can't they be found? It doesn't matter. At present, all customs, people we isolate will do nucleic acid testing, and asymptomatic people can also be detected. Therefore, it is equivalent to two checkpoints. Basically, the proportion of asymptomatic (infected) people flowing to society is very small. "

At the press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai held on April 1, the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission announced that Shanghai will announce the situation of asymptomatic infected persons every day from April 1, according to the requirements of the National Health Commission. At present, there are no asymptomatic infections under medical observation in Shanghai. Previously, there were 11 cases of nucleic acid detection of immigration personnel were positive, but there were no obvious symptoms at that time. They were sent to the designated fever clinic for isolation, investigation and treatment by 120. One case was excluded after review, and the other 10 cases showed clinical manifestations successively. Based on their epidemiological history, laboratory test and imaging results, they were diagnosed as confirmed cases.

But in case of (asymptomatic infected people flow to society), is there a way? Zhang Wenhong said that there are now more than 170 fever clinics and more than 180 sentinel clinics in Shanghai, which can find the so-called very few "missed fish".

'because most of the asymptomatic people will get sick when they are contagious, so at this time, we can find the asymptomatic person through epidemiological investigation.' He said.

How can healthy people prevent 'asymptomatic infected people'? Zhang Wenhong said that there is no difference in the preventive measures taken by healthy people to prevent symptomatic and asymptomatic infections. 'at any time, we should be vigilant. Before the global epidemic is completely over, we should maintain good hygiene habits, wear masks, wash hands frequently and maintain social distance when necessary, I think these methods can be adhered to for a long time. "

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