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Italy novel coronavirus pneumonia has been diagnosed in excess of 110 thousand cases. The closing ti

The novel coronavirus pneumonia case in Italy rose to 110574 cases in April 1st, with 13155 cases of cumulative deaths and 16847 cases of cure, according to data released by the Civil Protection Department of Italy in April 1st.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths in Italy increased by 727 cases compared with the previous day, and the cumulative diagnosis and cure cases increased by 4782 cases and 1118 cases respectively, compared with the previous day, according to statistics released by the Department.

Among the currently diagnosed patients, 48134 mild or asymptomatic patients were isolated at home, 28403 patients received general treatment in the hospital and 4035 patients received treatment in the intensive care unit.

Italian Prime Minister Conte delivered a video speech that night, announcing the end of the nationwide 'City closure' measure, which was postponed from April 3 to April 13. He called on the Italian people to continue to abide by the relevant isolation regulations, otherwise the whole country will pay a heavy price again.

Borrelli, director of the Civil Protection Department of Italy and Commissioner of COVID-19 emergency committee, said at the same day's regular press conference that people must stay at home and observe isolation and other restrictive measures.

On the same day, the National Institute of higher health of Italy said that among the more than 800 enterprise applications it received, about 40 Italian enterprises will be authorized by the Institute to produce medical protective masks.

To prevent novel coronavirus pneumonia from spreading further, Italy has entered the national "closed city" since March 10th. It closed all shops except food stores and pharmacies from 12, and closed all parks and other public places from 21.

This article comes from Xinhuanet