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More than 930000 cases have been confirmed in the world, and 46809 cases have died in the world

Original title: Johns & middot; Hopkins University: more than 930000 confirmed cases in the world and 210000 cases in the United States

Beijing, April 2 (Xinhua) according to Johns & middot of the United States; The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by Hopki's real-time statistics shows that as of 2 hours in Beijing, 6 hours and 04 minutes, the new confirmed cases of global crown pneumonia have broken through 920 thousand cases, reaching 932605 cases and 46809 cases of death.

Data show that the novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most diagnosed country in the world, with 200 thousand cases in total and 213372 cases in total. The country with the largest number of deaths is Italy, with a total of 13155 cases.