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Chinese Super League players oppose salary reduction. Should players reduce their salaries? What do

With the further development of epidemic situation abroad, the possibility of long-term sports events has become an established fact. In order to deal with this sudden disaster, the salary reduction of all countries in the world, especially the five major leagues, has become the hottest topic in football today.

Messi and other Barcelona first-team players expressed their willingness to accept the decision to reduce their salary by 70%, while Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Juventus, also expressed his willingness to reduce his salary by 10 million euros, so as to support the club to tide over the difficulties. After Barcelona, Juve, Bayern and other European giants successively announced that they would temporarily significantly reduce the salaries of their players, many Chinese fans also called on China Super League clubs to follow suit.

AI Zhibo, a player from Wuhan Zhuoer, expressed his views on whether players should be paid less recently.

To sum up, AI's views generally have five points: first, Chinese teams are less affected by the epidemic, and Chinese Super teams do not rely on broadcast sharing and surrounding commercial development income as the main economic source. Second, the Chinese Super League players were training and working during the epidemic. Third, there are many industries that make more money than football. There is no need to stare at the football circle. Fourth, the domestic policy on temporary unemployment security is not perfect. Fifthly, if the salary must be reduced, not only in the field of football, but also in all walks of life across the country.

Source: Qingdao News Network