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The Slovak team went bankrupt due to the epidemic, and Zilina dismissed about 17 players who were un

Not long ago, Switzerland set up 9 players who were not willing to pay their salaries during COVID-19. Today, the Slovak team zhilina's practice is even more unique. Marca reported that zhilina dismissed 17 players who were unwilling to reduce their salaries, and the club has entered the stage of bankruptcy liquidation. The termination is likely to be a 'suicide' action for the club.

During the epidemic, the Slovak Premier League has been suspended. Before the lockout, zhilina ranked second with 45 points. After the outbreak of the epidemic, a total of 17 players of the team refused to accept a pay cut. Zhilina announced the termination of the 17 players and denounced their lack of loyalty to the club.

COVID-19 has caused huge economic losses to the club, and the cancellation of 17 players has made the whole day crash. Marca newspaper revealed that zhilina club has entered the stage of bankruptcy liquidation.

However, zhilina believes that they can keep their qualification for the Slovak Premier League. After the epidemic is over, they will promote a large number of youth team players to supplement their combat effectiveness. Moreover, the management team also pointed out that during this COVID-19 period, many teams will go bankrupt or disappear in Slovakia.